7/7/18 Romancing The Stones (Austin, TX) - 100% Proxy Old School @ Vigilante Gaming Bar

We're halfway through the year, so it's time for a midseason break! Come play the Power 9 in a different context: Old School
Location: Vigilante Gastropub (7010 Easy Wind Dr, Austin TX 78752)
Entry Fee: $20
Registration: 11:30 registration, with a 12:00 start time
Payout: $10 of each entry fee goes to Top 4; high-end playmat and invite to year-end championship for 1st Place
Also: the remaining $10 of each entry fee gets you lunch!
Proxy limit: Unlimited proxy
Proxy rules: While we love real cards and beautifully-rendered proxies, it’s more important to us that you’re just here and playing. As such, we’re not instituting any proxy rules or guidelines.
Decklists: We will be collecting decklists to post online after the event.

We will be using Eternal Central's deck construction rules and B&R list. However, please note: we will be 100% proxy, and will not be enforcing EC's rules on what printings, art, etc are legal. We just want you to come play Old School with us.

As mentioned above, for this event we've raised our entry fee to $20. As per previous events, $10 of that will go towards the prize pool. The other $10 gets you lunch, as Vigilante's worked out an awesome lunch menu for us!

We'll be returning to Vintage in August - details coming soon!

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Per tradition, we've got a playmat for first place. This time, it's Miss 1993 herself!

@stuart Looks like there will be at least 4-5 of us coming from San Antonio.

@feldon808 Awesome! I was bummed to miss you guys at our last one (I was out of town) so it'll be good to meet the crew. I think we've got a couple Houstonians and Oklahomans coming, too.

Hello! This is so cool! How many people play at these events? I own a winery in bastrop, tx and would love to host some games, workshops, whatever! Www.blessedbeewinery.com Peace!

@mtcoley Thanks for reaching out! I'll email you.

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