TMD feature pipeline - same direction, new channels, increased fervor


Your humble site admin and friendly neighborhood Brass Man is in between jobs at the moment. I've decided not to jump right back into muggle work and use this opportunity to take a little time off to refocus on the things that really matter in life.

Like The Mana Drain.

There's a whole stack of features I've been wanting to implement and bugs I've been wanting to fix, as well as some development quality-of-life improvements that you guys won't notice, but will make it much easier for me maintain and build more in the future.

Beyond that, I've wanted to branch out into other channels for the "TMD Brand" to make that Patreon a legitimate deal. A regular podcast, blog, and other content. (The first episode of the podcast was recorded last night! though there's a bit of work to be done before it's published)

Because transparency is awesome I've made a public Trello board with what I'm working on. Items in the "To Do" column are the pieces slated to be worked on next.

If there's anything that you want in the backlog that you don't see, feel free to reach out to me here, or on Twitter @tmdBrassMan. I also plan on using the "Official" TMD Twitter more for announcements, etc. so feel free to follow @TheManaDrain for updates.

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"Muggle work" is such a good way to put it haha

Im looking forward to the Podcast a lot. A weekly Vintage Podcast is luxary!

I'd like to think my 3 or 4 deleted accounts singlehandedly added the "Fix behavior when users delete their own account" action.

@hierarchnoble said in TMD feature pipeline - same direction, new channels, increased fervor:

@13nova I'm sure many people would like to fix your behavior, yourself included.

Hey now! I'm 100x better than when I was a teenager/young twenties!

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