Please educate me about fakes

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Ankh is real, Mox and Lotus are not. Again, the only thing that really gives it away is that the Ankh has one solid border and the power doesn't.

@Brass-Man Again.. I wish these things were totally forbidden even for proxy tourneys. Why we would want to create and extra and legitimate market for these things, I have no idea.

@AmbivalentDuck I'm really sorry for being dense about this, but I really don't see the difference. Can you walk me through the Ankh, Mox, Lotus picture like I'm a small child?

@Topical_Island Look carefully at the outer border on the art. Compare the border on Ankh's textbox to Lotus's.

@AmbivalentDuck So it looks a lot sharper, the black edge... is that what I'm seeing? Thanks so much for walking me through this too.

@AmbivalentDuck What about the mana symbol and the card name? It's difficult to see in these pictures, is the pattern correct under magnification? They look fuzzier and like the mana symbol has the circles instead of dots, but again I can't see it that well in this picture. The time walk one looks this way too. The mana symbols don't look as crisp, but again I don't know if that's a focus/depth of field issue with the photo or not.

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@Gumgod Card name is more or less perfect. Mana symbol is slightly off in exactly the way you mentioned: purplish instead of little dots.

Admin Hat!

I deleted a few posts from the thread, specifically talking about where people bought counterfeits and whether particular counterfeits are legal in tournaments. This does not constitute a "warning" and nobody is in any sort of trouble.

However I don't want Wizards to have any inkling that people might be using TMD to encourage people to play counterfeits in tournaments, or spread information about how to buy counterfeits. One issue is that posting "I know how to get counterfeits" even without publicly posting how, possibly implies conversations happening over PM. I don't want that implication, even if it's unfounded. Beyond that, there's a reasonable argument to be made that knowingly purchasing counterfeits is illegal, so posting that you have is potentially dangerous.

Yes, this is a legal gray area, and yes, Wizards probably doesn't care about individuals at a small scale. I still don't want TMD (or I would hope, the vintage community) to adopt an antagonistic position with Wizards on this issue

I think it's awesome to educate players about how to differentiate between real and fake cards. If you bought cards expecting them to be real, and received counterfeits, please continue to post that here or elsewhere, the community needs to know.

However, if you have purchased counterfeits or are considering purchasing counterfeits or are considering playing counterfeits in an event, sanctioned or otherwise - please do not post about that process here - and feel free to flag posts you see on that subject, so the staff can review them accordingly.

@Brass-Man Just to be clear, it's entirely legal to buy counterfeits in the US. You just can't gift/sell/trade/represent them as the real thing. This isn't a legal gray area. The New York Times specifically researched this in the context of Chinese counterfeit clothing. We shouldn't antagonize WotC, but we also shouldn't misrepresent the law.

Even if WotC were to sue, the existence of the reserve list means they can't claim a dollar in lost sales from any number of counterfeit Black Lotus. They're actually in a worse position to press a claim than the clothing manufacturers who directly compete with counterfeits.

Anyone running blacklight tests? And can anyone tell me about how common fake foils are... particularly Jace

@Topical_Island Fake foils are nearly impossible to produce. Foils are printed in four-ish layers. They're hard to scan by their nature. And recent foils (such as Jace) involve an overlay where the art is actually modified to make the foiling "pop." I've moved almost my entire collection into foils for this reason. Even if the "bubble pops," I expect foils to hold their value almost indefinitely if not increase over time.

@AmbivalentDuck You really are the kind of guy who hides gold bars under his mattress aren't you...? Don't answer that... So If I'm looking at a foil From the Vault Jace, and I see that the dot pattern on the front looks different than the non foiled back due to magnification... then that's legitimate?

@Topical_Island I'm not an expert on that, but FtV printings are very different from others. I'd buy a cheap card from the same set for comparison.

@AmbivalentDuck I think there's on in the case at my local shop... I'll look into it. Good advice again. Thanks.

As i did not see these pieces of information in this thread :

  • A real card should weight 1.75 gr (plus or minus a few digits), and 1.7 gr for an alpha.
  • On the back of a card, on the upper left corner near the orange point, there should be two little white dots (the lower one more easy to see). Some fakes miss that detail.

My 10 cents

PSA! is now posting methods for removing the glossiness that is often used to distinguish fakes from real cards. Use this test with caution in the future. A jeweler's loupe and a light test remain your best bets.

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