I wonder how many ways of going infinite with this actually exist. I can think of a creatureless Oath to mill your whole deck and play this over and over again, but I don't think that's good enough though. Costs too much and you need to have something to win already in play. Maybe Oath with 1-2 creatures where you can activate it a 2nd-3rd time to go infinite?

Maybe Doomsday?

@fsecco Oath could sort of be doing that with Battlefield Scrounger and Time Walk already though.

Is this the first Instant Time Walk ever?

PS: it is, outside Seedtime and Final Fortune.

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I think this is more of a plant for Modern than anything. Turns.Dec will love running a copy or 2 of this with all the howling mine effects, just to ensure they have that much higher a percentage every game.

In vintage, I cannot see this really getting there considering the cost when key-vault-tinker is a thing. Maybe in Omnitell, but there are already better ways to win in that list.

Maybe in U/W Bomberman of some sort. Is it being blue better than a spellbomb? You can just play it every turn and never deck, then presumably Jace them out or beat down with a 2/4?

That's probably just worse.

@topical_island Bomberman never needed an infinite kill condition. Bouncing their creatures and attacking with a hand of counters is more than enough.

Hell, Soldevi Digger recurring Ancestral Recall would be a better kill than this.

Hitting multiple Nexuses multiple times each with Mind's Desire is amusing, I guess. Still, it's hard for me to imagine a situation where this is the best use of seven(!!) blue mana.

The part of this card that makes it interesting is that it shuffles itself back, regardless of how it went to the graveyard.

You can Oath or Hermit Druid to mill your whole deck. It shuffles itself back then you just need 7 mana.

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I'm sensing the Temporal Mastery trap is about to spring. It's doable, but I don't think this is the most efficient way to be taking extra turns.

I really like that it shuffles itself back, doesn't target, and it's an instant. I really dislike how the mana cost keeps me from even brewing with this when I can win the game via so many efficient wins in vintage.
Definitely a great card for EDH and standard. Otherwise, idk.

I would love to see someone win some games running this and ancient tombs in a mono blue combo deck. Maybe "Paradox Nexus"?

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