Karn, Silver Golem Mat (AKA Please Don’t Make Me Reactivate Facebook).

So, I had a short discussion with Josh Krause, who runs OMA, and helped Mark Zug produce the Gaea’s Cradle playmat. Apparently the barrier to entry on making mats is lower than I thought it would be.

20 pre-orders is enough to get a Karn, Silver Golem mat made. This seems like a really low number, especially now with Dominaria being what it is, and Karn being as popular as he is.

Ideally, I’d have posted this in the various Facebook Magic groups, including the Vintage group. I may yet, but I deactivated my account recently, and was enjoying the break away from people endlessly fighting about all the political insanity and absurdity of America in 2018.

Would you be interested in a Karn mat? $35 and a wait till the late summer/early fall would probably do it. Given that I have a crazy high res scan, I can promise that the quality of the image will be very high.


Nick's tweet for people to retweet

It's not for me but I retweeted this from my account and the Goyf account

Any chance to ship to Europe?

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And we’re good.

Thanks, everybody.

Updates should come from the OMA site/Twitter account. It’ll take some time, but it’ll be worth the wait.

@matori Josh confirmed that they will ship to Europe.

@prospero thx a lot! Looking forward to it. Just send me instructions for payment..etc

@matori I think Josh is going to set this up through OMA (I won’t be handling money on this). I’m waiting on confirmation too.

Part of the current OMA Kickstarter includes the Karn playmat at a certain level of reward.

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