Ok, I sort of got the bug to play more vintage again and decided to build a deck on MTGO last weekend. I've noticed that there aren't any scheduled tournaments, but have had no issues getting practice games in over the last few days. I see the Vintage league, and will probably join that once I'm a little more comfortable with the (horrible) software. I have a couple questions about how the economy works, and prizes. I assume it's possible to accumulate prizes and trade for more tickets or other staples to build more decks. How difficult is it to do such a thing if you only play Vintage? I've also noticed that the prizes are some sort of treasure chest thing full of cards. When you win these, can you trade the treasure chest, or do you open it and trade the cards inside? What kinds of cards can you expect to find in one of these treasure chests? Sorry if these are elementary questions, and I thank you for your help ahead of time.

@feldon808 you can do either. So far I’ve opened all of mine. I’ve gotten JTMS twice, Noble Hierarch, some fetchlands, Trinisphere, Thorn, and a few other keepers- along with several multi ticket items to cash in. Better than if I had just sold the chests 🤷🏻♂️ I don’t know. With the league you’ll earn enough points for reentry with 3-2 or better finish.

Ok, thanks for the reply @wfain. Sounds like you have opened some good staples in your prize chests.

Maybe I'll hop in the league this weekend and give it a shot.

Wow, @hierarchnoble thanks for that very detailed reply. That's a lot of information to chew on there. After considering what you've said about the ease of switching between decks without holding onto extra cards, it seems rather unimportant to keep anything you aren't using in a current deck. Very interesting! I like the approach of just holding tickets rather than cards. I don't switch decks all that often anyway, so that seems ideal for me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! That was very valuable and should save me a lot of time and effort.

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