27 May 2018: Romancing The Stones 4 (24 players in Austin, TX)

This Sunday, 24 players decided to spend their Memorial Day Weekend playing Vintage at 4th Tap! The Texas summer reared its ugly head, and by mid-afternoon we were battling in 100-degree heat. Fortunately, we persevered and got ourselves a beautiful Top 4, culminating in Ravager Shops finally taking down a Romancing The Stones event and Aren earning himself an invite to the Festival of Friendship.

More pics pending, but here's our top 4 and champion!

Final Standings:

  1. Ravager Shops: Aren Wilson-Wright
  2. UWR Standard Walkers: Derrick Steele
  3. Blue Moon: Chris Huckabee
  4. BW Hex Depth: Eric Miller
  5. Paradoxical Mentor: Bryan Hockey
  6. Moon Stompy: Rob Connolly
  7. Ravager Shops: Patrick Vincent
  8. Landstill: Jack Bellingrath
  9. Dredge: Alex Zavoluk
  10. Oath: Matt Jordan
  11. Erayo Mentor: Dan Ersch
  12. Blue Jund: Mike O'Malley
  13. Eldrazi Shops: Douglas McGrew Jr
  14. Belcher: Jeff Lubinski
  15. BUG: Douglas McGrew
  16. 5C Humans: Hugo Vargas
  17. Paradoxical Mentor: Christan Dinh
  18. Paradoxical Mentor: Joseph Amaya
  19. Grixis Pyromancer: Jake Baltz
  20. UW Bears: Ian Files
  21. Jeskai Mentor: Heather ???
  22. Burn: Jacob Zernick
  23. Oath: Brian Tweedy
  24. Oath: Brandon Newton

@stuart (Eric here)
REALLY fun tournament. I would love for there to be regular Vintage events and the whole San Antonio crew would happily make the trip! Let me know when the next one is and I'll brew something spicy for it!

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@thewhitedragon69 Hell yeah! We'd love to have you (and the San Antonio crew) out for future events. We always post our stuff on the various TX Facebook pages and on here, but I'd recommend joining our Romancing The Stones Facebook group for the most up-to-date info. Next event will be on July 7, venue TBD, and will be Old School. Vintage will return in August and will run through the end of the year, when we'll do our Festival of Friendship championship in December.

By the way, that Hex Depths list is easily my favorite from the event, and seeing it get 4th was awesome.

This was a really fun event, and the staff at 4th Tap treated us very well. I would make the drive from San Antonio for this again.

@feldon808 Cheers Feldon, glad you liked it! If there’s enough demand in San Antonio, maybe we could scheduling a Romancing The Stones: San Antonio Road Warrior edition at some point. Regardless, we’re trying to do these every 6 weeks, so we’ll be back this summer.

@stuart If you guys decide to run one of these in San Antonio, that would be pretty great too. I followed you guys on Twitter, and will keep track of your events from now on. Thanks!


  1. Aren Wilson-Wright - Ravager Shops
  2. Derrick Steele - Jeskai Standard Walkers
  3. Chris Huckabee - Blue Moon
  4. Eric Miller - BW Hex Depths
  5. Bryan Hockey - Paradoxical Storm
  6. Rob Connolly - Blood Moon Tribal
  7. Patrick Vincent - Ravager Shops
  8. Jack Bellingrath - UW Landstill
  9. Alex Zavoluk - Dredge
  10. Matt Jordan - Tezz Oath
  11. Dan Ersch - Erayo Mentor
  12. Mike O'Malley - 4 Color Control
  13. Douglas McGrew, Jr. - Eldrazi Shops
  14. Jeff Lubinski - Belcher
  15. Douglas McGrew - BUG
  16. Hugo Vargas - 5C Humans
  17. Christian Dinh - Paradoxical Mentor
  18. Jospeh Amaya - Paradoxical Mentor
  19. Jake Baltz - Grixis Pyromancer
  20. Ian Files - UW Bears
  21. Heather - Jeskai Mentor
  22. Jacob Zernick - Burn
  23. Brian Tweedy - InfernOath
  24. Brandon Newton - InfernOath

@stuart Boo HexDepths, it knocked me out... 😞 Turn 1 Stony silence and Null Rod just too good vs Belcher...

I'll have to play something else next time now.

I'd love to get these going on a monthly basis. Would make sense if there's enough interest from the San Antonio crowd to alternate months or something.

@yayjinaz We settled on running them approx every 6 weeks because

  1. it's the most amount of time we as organizers could afford to devote to running these, and
  2. it makes them feel like bigger, more special events (which Austin is sorely lacking in most formats).

That said, every single time we've run an event, people have asked us to do them more frequently. I think we'll stick to this schedule for 2018, but maybe look at changing to monthly for the 2019 series.

@stuart said in 27 May 2018: Romancing The Stones 4 (24 players in Austin, TX):

@yayjinaz We settled on running them approx every 6 weeks because

  1. it's the most amount of time we as organizers could afford to devote to running these, and

Buncha wimps out there in Austin, I tell you what 😛

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