Magic History: Art of Darkness with Jesper Myrfors

"Islandswamp interviews Magic's original art director and designer of "The Dark," Jesper Myrfors!"

I'm hoping this will be of interest to Vintage and Old School players. Enjoy.

Great interview. I think this is my favorite of the articles you've written so far. I had no idea he was so central to designing The Dark.

@The-Atog-Lord thank you very much.
I learned about Jesper's involvement with Wizards when I read Titus Chalk's book "So Do You Wear A Cape", and I realized just how important he was to the game. I simply cannot envision the game doing as well if they had used recycled art. Jesper set up the deals that allowed a group of hungry young artists to bring my favorite game to life, and I am grateful for that fact.

The readers have responded positively to these historical themed articles, and MTGGoldfish has said I can do more, so I'm planning more as we speak.

I'm always interested in interviewing prominent members of the Vintage community as well, so anyone who wants to participate is free to let me know.

Fantastic article. Art is subtly one of the most important parts about Magic. I have a hard time imagining how I would have even gotten into the game if the art did not appeal to me.

@DeaTh-ShiNoBi thank you very much.
This article was received well, and if you know anyone who would like it please free to share it.

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