I lent my Black Lotus to someone 15 years ago...

That person contacted me on Facebook 3 weeks ago. Last time I had any contact with this person was 2001 or so.
There is only 1 thing we might talk about.
I lent him my other black lotus.
To be fair, he did try to give it back...as I showed up to work to pick up my paycheck, dressed up to go out clubbing. He had it in his hands, ready to give to me, but I was about to go out doing stupid club stuff in San Francisco. I said "I'll get it from you tomorrow, or the next day".
That day never came. for whatever reason, I didn't get it back. Well, he DID fire me from my job at the comic book store, THEN he moved away.... But he did try to give it back to me.
3 weeks ago he contacted me, on Facebook, and said: "hey, hows it going. Hey I found that card you lent me. That BLACK LOTUS card. Gimme your address and I will mail it back to you"
Today he gave me the shipping number.
If my BLACK LOTUS does in fact get mailed to me, I will do an UNBOXING VIDEO and of course, do homage to they guy who finally gave it back to me.
He says it should be in by early next week (that would be Mon or Tue).
Just a heads up to the TMD community (even if TMD is newly remodeled.
Christmasland might just happen in less than a week to someone who goes by LOTUSHEAD.
I will keep you posted (yes, tracking number he sent links to a shipment in Texas (where he lives). So far sounds totally legit (will happen).

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Welcome to Magical Christmas Land haha! I really hope this all works out for you. This is a neat story.

@LotusHead That's crazy... is that the one and only lotus you own?

Man, what a great thing to read. Congrats. You know how rare it is for something to end this well, after all these years...

Wow, what stage of magic was this? Even in 1994, tracking down a lent black lotus would have been something any of my magic friends would have done. Was this way before then?

@Tropical_Island I had 2 Black Lotus' at the time. My other one got stolen by a teammate in 2010 (Austin Martinez was part of "TeamVacaville". He turned out to be a junkie (and not a simple pothead). So I have zero Black Lotus' at the moment, but hopefully will have 1 Black Lotus early next week.

@joshuabrooks I lent him the card in 2001 or so, when they were worth about $300. I started playing Tourney Vintage magic in 2004. I've had power 7 since the mid-90's.

Wow Jeff, that's awesome!Hope this comes through! Now if we can only find a place around here for you to use it...

Does this mean the return of the LotusHead picture filled tournament reports!?

It happened. It has returned home. Unboxing vid is being worked on. 🙂 Will probably be ready Wednesday night.

This is one hell of a crazy story. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Thanks for sharing, crazy story ! Your buddy is a good guy 😉

Gives me hope for the return of my time walk.

Awesome story really glad you got your lotus back

haha thats pretty sweet. Guess good things do happen to this community sometimes

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