Price of vintage Staples & advice on selling a collection


I've been out of the game for a while and I'm thinking of selling of my paper vintage collection.

Before I do, I have a couple of questions.

  1. not sure what the rules are in selling on the new tmd. I assume we aren't allowed, so please don't pm me with offers. Even if it is allowed, unless I know you I doubt I'd just send you thousands of dollars of cards.

  2. Anyone know what the market has been like lately? Are we up/down from recent prices? What's the trend been like.

  3. Any recommendations for a good Facebook group to advertise on? I hear that's where the kids sell stuff these days.

  4. any other recommendations for selling a vintage collection? Wasn't going to sell any power, but lots of duals, forces, fetches, etc.

I'm planning to reach out to some dealers I've met personally/trust. I'm probably not interested in selling piecemeal. I don't have an active eBay account, and again, not interested in piecemeal. Plus fees would kill me.

  1. What's a good price check tool online? Any rules of thumb? I was looking at MTG goldfish and they were quoting over 600 for a revised underground. I didn't see an obvious condition listed. That seems aggressive.

4b) I was never really a collector, I played with my cards, so most of them reflect that. None of them are minty. Is there a good rule of thumb for discounting based on condition?

**Edited the title to better reflect my questions.

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  1. Up.

4 / 4b. Mtggoldfish is often overestimated (sometimes by quite a lot). I like looking at tcgplayer, taking condition into account in order to get an idea of a fair price (look at more than just market and mid prices, as they can differ significantly from what people are actually selling at, especially considering condition).

Where are you located?

  1. "UP" they go. #hodl.

  2. Europeans buy and sell on There you can also see what cards were sold for. (And you can see what people ask for their cards in the respective languages and conditions). Don't forget to calculate the conversion from €>$. Another good tool is where you can also see the "market" price: what cards actually sell for. Compare the two tools, find a good middle ground. If not selling picemeal, you'll have to give generous discounts if yomeone is buying loads of cards. PM me for further conversation.

Best, Peterflugzeug.

Thanks for the replies so far, l will check out those recommended sites.

Good to hear prices are going up. I figured with my luck we'd be in some sort of huge slump.

I'm not going to hold. I'll keep the stuff that has sentimental value (and therefore will never be able to price appropriately), but everything else is pretty much just valuable clutter. I'd rather see them out in the world being appreciated or used. If I get the urge to play, I'll borrow some cards or buy in online.

I'm in northern Virginia (but I do find myself in Europe often for work).

When I say I'm not going to sell piecemeal, what I really mean is individual cards, or even playsets. Its more of a time value question for me. I'm not going to dicker over a 20 dollar card and then mail it and risk getting ripped off. I'd probably consider any deal with a 1k threshold. I guess with the price of duals that may not be hard to hit. Something I'll have to think about.

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MTG stock is a useful tool, just make sure you look at market price instead of a TCG price, because a lot of those card "values" have become skewed due to buyouts and such. Sent you a PM!

@peterflugzeug On mtgstocks, what does "Market" represent? It seems to be significantly lower than "High" and "Average."

@dr-j I'm guessing what buyers have actually paid, as opposed to what sellers are asking for.

5Space is correct. It helps to ground true market value for cards... until another card buyout occurs.

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