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Finally, the turn-one drop Gobs has been looking for. He does "everything": ramps, turns on prowl, and doesn't die every time he attacks. If Gobs comes back, it's because of this card + Food Chain combos.

Works fine casting Ringleader too.

Well, at least he doesn’t get stonewalled by random Prodigies and Shamans. But I fear Vintage Goblins needs a much bigger shot in the arm to become viable again.

@evouga That's not clear to me. There's probably a Food Chain deck.

Anticipate is the card blue decks so desperately need.

I think you may have missed the following cards tho... they may blow your mind!

Goblin Lackey
Skirk Prospector
Goblin piledriver

Goblins isnt even a viable deck in Modern when the only two goblins youre missing are Matron and Lackey. Goblins arent a viable deck in Deathright.format WITH those two cards.

Goblins hasnt been viable since 2004 in vintage, and I doubt a 1/1 for 1R that has no evasion and has to connect to make some other fucking terrible red (or black) creature cheaper is not going to make it better than tier 395858584383731616375958

You seem to have misread the card: it's a 2/2 and you get the bonus from just declaring the attack. I'm pretty sure this is red Lotus Cobra. Is that Vintage playable? Dunno. The big thing holding back Food Chain Goblins is that there's no obvious kill. You can reliably make infi mana every game, but you have no good outlets that don't require a non-Goblin tutor.

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I didnt need to read the card. Lotus cobra hasnt been playable since 2009 either. This card, and goblins, are trash.

Unless goblins miraculously are amazing versus 4x swords from mentor, combo, walking ballistas, AND oath of druids.

But yeah - they won one SCG 11 years ago pilotted by a guy who cheated with his kiki jikis, and havent done anything before OR after.

I mean, is it viable outside of goblins? The fact that it is a gob does not change the fact that its ability is relevant to any deck that can pull it off. It can ramp you into a turn 2 JTMS or Karn for instance.

@13nova I think you're very confused. Wizards intentionally has gone many years without printing a new, playable Goblin specifically because they were so oppressive in Legacy. Moreover, they would be oppressive in Legacy if Goblin Recruiter was unbanned. Food Chain isn't in Modern.

As to the removal and combo you listed, Earwig Squads have always given Goblins a strongly favorable matchup against combo. It used to have a favorable matchup against Oath, but it always had a poor matchup against Brian Kelly. The removal you mention doesn't do anything against Squee or Food Chain.

@protoaddct said in [BBD] Cheering Fanatic:

I mean, is it viable outside of goblins? The fact that it is a gob does not change the fact that its ability is relevant to any deck that can pull it off. It can ramp you into a turn 2 JTMS or Karn for instance.

It seems craptacular as ramp unless you care that it's a Goblin or you abuse the fact that it's a cost reduction and play something many many times. My first thought was something like 2x Top + Prowess, but that fails in a variety of ways.

Earwig squad...

Youre stuck in 2006. Paradox laughs at your shit creature. Show up and donateyour entry at SCGCon if you think Goblins is good.

Tier 395,858,584,383,731,616,375,958

That is for the record, tier 395 septillion and change.

Worth noting, this dodges misstep.

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@hierarchnoble Do you really need a shitty creature in order to have that effect?

@hierarchnoble I'd say even if you wanted that, Goblin Electromancer is probably better in that said deck. Doesn't reduce Dack's cost but may be able to generate more than 1 mana per turn.

Reducing the cost of anything certainly seems a lot better than just reducing the cost of Goblins.

Combos with Sensei's top like Helm of Awakening (infinite storm w/ two or infinite draw w/ future sight). But doesnt give your opponent a boost like Helm.

Outside of combos, functions as a generic mana accelerator for other spells while getting in 2 damage every turn.

Major bluff factor with counterspells

Look forward to trying it.

I'm wondering if Food Chain Goblins really just wants 4x Grapeshot.

I don't know enough about Goblins to know if this card is any good ... but golly, this set has something for everyone and I'm loving it.

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