I'm still torn between GUB and GUW. Bant provides a plethora of hatebears to spread throughout the MD and the SB. But BUG has Leovold, which is the best hate creature in the format (besides Ouphe, obviously).
Anyone have a preference between BUG and Bant? Or arguments regarding my assessment of the two?

Hey Mike have you tried Anger? I had some “recent success”(prior to the printing of Walking Ballista) with TNT. I thought it was amazing at the time but Ballista coming out made me not want to play it anymore.


I suppose it shouldn’t be too bad though if you can shut down Ballista with Revoker and keep using your own Triskelions

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I had a thought...

with mental misstep restricted, has there been any thought on porting over a setup of survival that got it banned in legacy years ago?

I do not know very much about legacy, but I did find an article about survival from years past by flores:

Link provided below:

Looks like several survival approaches were used prior to the legacy banning:
(1) ooze survival (necrotic ooze, phyrexian devourer, triskelion/walking ballista)
(2) g/w survival
(3) u/g survival
(4) retainer survival

Is the contemporary approach (vengevine, hollow one, basking rootwalla chain) just a better option?

What about the current secondary modi operandi (1) hatebears plan (2) hogaak (3) control elements?

Would there be any merit to incorporating the former legacy plans (for reference, the banning occurred in 2010)?

My initial guess is that the printing of Hollow One (printed 2017) just outclasses the old technology, but I would love to hear the thoughts of others on the matter.

Yeah, I think you’ve got the handle on it. Having access to Bazaar and Hollow One makes the legacy combo stuff pretty pointless. In general though, the gw and ug versions feel a bit like the vintage version.

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