@kaluma I’m scared to cut Wispmare- no way to kill Leyline and -1 way to kill Oath seems icky to me, but I'll try it.

Edit: Tried it, went 4-1. Having second Thalia in the main led to a pretty funny game against a Blue Tinker deck: T1 he played a land and Preordain, I played Bazaar, Emerald, Lotus- activate Bazaar to pitch VV, crack Lotus for WWW, cast Thalia, he Forces, tap Emerald, cast another Thalia, get back VV, cast Hollow One. He scoops.


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@kaluma maybe we just want some Thoughtseize in the board to fight Outcome (good vs Storm and Oath as well)?

way to go! looks good! I'm kind of okay with oath just being a bad matchup. Fairish green decks probably don't have the ability to really fight everything and I'd rather have SB slots to tilt a closer matchup rather than try to fix the 80-20 matchup.

Good thinking, @wfain! I never expected quickly mentioning your 5-0 in the Hollow One thread to lead to such an in-depth discussion, and I'm glad you took the time to create a much-needed independent thread for this emerging archetype.

On Tuesday I played a list that I've since scrapped, trying out a maindeck Qasali Pridemage and an additional Qasali Pridemage and a Trygon Predator in the sideboard. What I found was, although I could resolve Trygon Predator during the game I drew it against Ravager Shops, the lack of immediate impact was a huge detriment. Qasali Pridemage, while exalted is cute, ended up being an overcosted Disenchant the two times I resolved it. In every situation Manglehorn would have been significantly better.

The Qasali build was my first dropped league (1-3) out of the five I've played. I'm now 1-1 in my league with the @kaluma's 5-0 list from last week, and will finish streaming it tonight. If I have enough time before VSL I'll start another league with @wfain's post that's a few above this one, but I don't think I'll get more than the three games done in the two hours before VSL. While I've had a ton of fun with my own 75s I really want to give these Dark Confidant builds a reasonable shot. Nothing forces me to see someone else's perspective more than running their exact build.

@serracollector it’s pretty decent so far! I’m sitting on 4-0 in league with the 2 Thalia list from a couple posts up. Tasigur/Tarmogoyf make the Shops matchup like 60/40 in my favor where before it was like 40/60 or something. Those dudes just handle all but the most busted Ravager/Overseer draws.
Tasigur also makes it a little easier to trigger VV through Trinisphere (which was nearly impossible before).

EDIT: went 5-0. Pretty decent hits on my prize chests too!

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Is Hooting Mandrills worth trying over goyf? Its what I'm using (no goyfs).

@john-cox I don’t think so 🤷🏻♂️ Delving isn’t exactly trivial in a Vengevine/Wonder/Anger deck, and the fact that Goyf can still be played even if you haven’t activated Bazaar might matter. It seems reasonable to try Hooty over Tasigur though
Edit: Goyf is actually fine against the Jace decks where the delve guys aren’t.

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This is an excellent deck: very ferocious, hard to control, and broken. You all are doing great work.

@wfain Wow amazing write up crazy list. I finally have Bob's and I own a playset of goyfs so I think I can make this list. Gonna take it for a spin so happy to see this deck become something; I truly wonder if someone in R&D plays with bazaar and thought of it while designing Hollow One.

Excellent work man

Posted a 3-2 and a 4-1 in my last two leagues with the above list (-1 Kambal, +1 Nihil Spellbomb in the board).
Losses were to two fair blue decks (just had really bad draws two matches in a row following a 3-0 start) and to Dredge. Beat BUG Outcome, Shops twice, Dredge, Infect, and two fair blue decks (one could’ve been Outcome, I just made like 15 power in T1 in one game and played a turn 1 Thalia and Bob in the other).
This deck feels real.

I used to play this deck:
3 Dark Confidant
3 Noble Hierarch
3 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
2 Thalia Heretic Cathar
2 Vengevine
3 Tocatli Honor Guard
4 Phyrexian Dreadnought
2 Varolz, the Scar-Striped

4 Cavern of Souls
4 Mana Confluence
2 Bayou
1 Savannah
1 Scrubland
4 Verdant Catacombs
1 Forest
5 Moxes
1 Black Lotus

2 Abrupt Decay
2 Null Rod
3 Survival of the Fittest
4 Duress
2 Thoughtseize
1 Demonic Tutor
1 Fragementize

It is slower than the Bazaar Engine and I had trouble against control decks which were able to cast Tinker-Colossus in 2nd or 3rd turn.

This deck goes more midrange imo and I like the engine with Tocatli - Phyrexian Dreadnought or Varolz and then scavenge Phyrexian Dreadnought for the 12 counters.

But will try the Bazaar Engine and kick out Tocatly, Phyrexian Dreadnought, Varolz and Thalia Heretic out. However, gonna keep Stony Silence (replacing Null Rod) and Thalia Guardian of Thraben in maindeck - my meta is mostly control here.

Another 4-1. Lost the last round to Doomsday, which we’re basically never beating. Beat Shops, Eldrazi Shops, Bug Outcome, and Esper ETutor control (which was really cool with Kaya, Teferi, JTMS).

@fsecco yup, that was basically it.

Off topic but I would love to see that doomsday list.

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I see you play a splash of blue. So no dack fayden? It also somewhat helps your tinker colos problem

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@yakuzaxrock The deck is base green, so getting blue and red in play at the same time can be difficult. That said, Dack Fayden represents huge synergy with the deck since he mimics Bazaar of Baghdad’s role in the deck. I’m trying my Thalia-focused build again tonight, but focusing on Dack Fayden as an engine piece is on my list of variations I want to try out.


I would also consider ray of revelation. Wonder helps vs moat, but ray of rev can be discarded anytime, destroys a lot of pesky things like oath, leyline of the void and avoids misstep.

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Here's my list, more control variant with lots of nice options, colos bazaar tinker is sweet, it's been heavily playtested with various versions with hollow one and different things. The deck is slightly outdated but can definitely hold a candle, maybe some new tech cards around? It has good matchups vs most things, bug with leovold and deathrite shaman can be a pain but it's a cool matchup with many twists about punishing fire+mentor recurrance and rebs + sweet balance take care of leo. A few bullets in main that can be switched around, gush works and rakdos main vs dredge and works vs lots stax etc. Intuition goes nuts, ancient grudge!

// 60 Maindeck
// 8 Artifact
1 Black Lotus
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Mox Jet
1 Mox Emerald
1 Mox Pearl
1 Mox Ruby
1 Sol Ring
1 Mana Crypt

// 7 Creature
4 Squee, Goblin Nabob
1 Blightsteel Colossus
1 Monastery Mentor
1 Jace, Vryn's Prodigy

// 17 Instant
4 Force of Will
1 Ancestral Recall
1 Gush
1 Dig Through Time
3 Intuition
4 Mental Misstep
2 Punishing Fire
1 Rakdos Charm

// 19 Land
4 Bazaar of Baghdad
4 Volcanic Island
1 Underground Sea
2 Polluted Delta
1 Scalding Tarn
1 Flooded Strand
4 Grove of the Burnwillows
1 Tundra
1 Tropical Island

// 4 Planeswalker
4 Dack Fayden

// 5 Sorcery
1 Time Walk
1 Gitaxian Probe
1 Tinker
1 Demonic Tutor
1 Treasure Cruise

// 15 Sideboard
// 1 Artifact
SB: 1 Tormod's Crypt

// 13 Instant
SB: 4 Ancient Grudge
SB: 2 Rakdos Charm
SB: 3 Red Elemental Blast
SB: 3 Pyroblast
SB: 1 Ray of Revelation

// 1 Sorcery
SB: 1 Balance

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