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If you would lose the game this turn, instead draw 7 cards and your life total becomes 1.
Exile "Amazing Comeback"

I believe the rulings on this card will say that it only works once, right? I mean if you die several times during the same turn (because you're paying life to Channel) do you draw a bunch of cards or just the first 7? Because if you draw a bunch this is insane. Which leads me to think you only draw the first time.
This isn't as good as Lich's Mirror in that particular combo deck, but this doesn't make you lose all your permanents nor hand and also can be played as a defensive spell (still loses to Tendrils and Ballista though).

@fsecco I'll admit it is worded poorly but I believe the intent and certainly the ruling is going to wind up being it is a 1 time replacement effect.

I am by no means a rules expert, but doesn't the 'instead' make this a Replacement effect? So even if you managed to copy/clone/whatever this spell, then you loosing would be replaced with drawing 7 and setting life to 1, and hence not triggering the rest of the copies?

@uvatha it happens that way if you copy the spells with, let's say, Fork. But after te first effect resolver you can play another and shield yourself again. Just like Lich's Mirror.

@Protoaddct I believe it works that way too. I think this is too expensive for Vintage, even if you're able to chain a few of them.
I don't think this is good, but I guess this works with Ad Nauseam just like Angel's Grace does right?

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I hope this is not how this card is worded. Because if you are losing the game because you are drawing the last card in your library, the card creates an infinite loop.

As i reas this card, the replacement effect lasts until end of turn. So if you continue dying, with channel or griselbrand, you will create loops. Some loops you cannot come back from, like drawing your last card in your deck.

I hope it reads “the next time you would lose the game this turn, instead...”

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Its a translation. So the exact english wording could be different.

@gkraigher this is just their mockup, based on a nonofficial translation, though that is probably how it's worded, give or take something about teammates

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