Full-Proxy Vintage Tournaments in the Bay Area?

(sorry if this is off-topic, I'm new to the mana drain, but)

Are there any full-proxy vintage tournaments in the Bay Area? / Where do I find out about these events? 6

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The question is absolutely on topic! I'm moving this thread to the Tournaments and changing the name to hopefully get more eyes on it.

Unfortunately I don't know of any events in that area, myself. If it turns out there isn't much of a vintage community there ... maybe try and start one 🙂

There are no full proxy vintage events at stores in the Bay Area.

In past years, there were three stores that sporadically ran proxy vintage events (anywhere between 10-20 proxies normally). There is currently only one store that runs monthly vintage (15 card proxy). This shop is Eudo Games. Their next vintage event is May 20th - this Sunday.

ah, thanks!

yeah, I've been to Eudo for prereleases, but even with fifteen proxies, and scavenging some of my old cards, PO costs about $1,200 on paper 😞

(Though, I'd pay $400 for a hypothetical 30-proxy tournament).

also, does anyone have advice about tournament organization, with which I have no experience with (nor am i an mtg judge), or can put me in touch with someone who does? like, price support, publicity, location, admission caps, dealing with time issues or otherwise, etc.

currently, I just play with my housemates and other friends. I'd be more than happy to plan the event, but I wouldn't want vintage players (who I won't personally know) to not have a good time, from my not planning or communicating it correctly 😕

@firemaw get to know locals, and you would probably get to a point where you could either borrow a deck, or borrow enough cards to build a proxy deck.

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