Why do you think we have a restricted list?

  • @fsecco said in Why do you think we have a restricted list?:

    @moorebrother1 Actually I believe most players dislike high variance formats, which is one of the reasons Vintage is not that popular (in MTGO for example, where it's cheap)

    I've certainly heard that sentiment from pros, good players, and from the guys who think of themselves as good players. I'm the opposite, FWIW; I'm pretty burnt out on Legacy because the low variance means most games give me deja vu. The high variance of the restricted list has made Vintage a really nice change of pace for me.

  • @stuart I play Vintage and loved playing Duel Commander (and thinking about Brawl) so I guess we know where I stand on this one 😛

  • The simple answer: Wizards is a business. Their job is to sell cards, and the game as a whole. So just like new sets, different formats, and other things produced by Wizards, the restricted list functions towards these goals. More specifically, Vintage has a restricted list because there was demand for a format in which all cards could be played that was also somewhat enjoy-able to actually play (instead of just allowing all cards to be unrestricted).

  • Vintage is the format where, within reason, you get to play any card. That's the official WotC reason [citation needed].