Captain of the Ship - 1st Place Tournament Report - TMD Open 19

Hello Vintage Community! On Saturday, I won TMD 19 in Oakville, CT! I had an great time with all my friends and the rest of the community this weekend. I wrote up this Tournament Report in an effort to share my some of amazing time with you.

If you're interested feel free to skim, browse or binge a little bit of what I like to call 'light reading'. The links in the table on the first page can take you to whatever interests you.

I am always down to dicuss Vintage, Paradoxical Outcome or Magic in general. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.


I now wish I had signed that Erayo before I gave it to you

Congrats man 😄

Congrats on the win...but wow. You played ONE Erayo and was able to cast and flip it FIVE times??? And your opponents seemed to often mull to 4 or 5 with little to no mana. You had the tinker BSC 2 games in one match AND the time walk? And then that nuts lotus/mox/mox/mentor/ancestral hand...that's quite fortunate on all counts. I can't imagine drawing like that more than a game or 2 in 7 rounds, let alone 9 games!

That said, good wins.


Congrats on your win!

I was your opponent (on Stax) in round 4. That game 1 was intense, and you played it quite well. Not cracking the fetch in response to my Spyglass stuck out to me in particular. I didn't fully think through the implications of your decision not to crack it. In retrospect it seems clear that you're signalling that mana is not an issue for you. I was trying to keep you just constrained enough on mana that I could edge out the last few points of damage, but I think that was a misguided plan after having no more ways of pressuring your mana (e.g., Ratchet Bomb or Tangle Wire).

@thewhitedragon69 Yeah, I would say I drew farrrrrr above average.

@senor_bisquick Hey man ggs! Yeah i had a bunch of mana in hand and the top was pretty important to me.

@thewhitedragon69 eh, nobody can win a 100+ player tournament without getting a little lucky. You can rest assured, somebody at this event got luckier breaks and threw them away, that's just what the game is.

Congrats, Justin!

Congrats on the win -- it was great playing against you in the semi finals! First time I've ever seen Erayo flipped in paper, let alone on turn 1.

Just got around to reading this and I really dig it. I appreciate that you went the extra mile formatting the report with helpful links and images - really adds to the readability. This reminded me a lot of tournament reports we used to see on TMD all the time.

Keep it up and congrats again on the win 🙂

The deck looks sexy as hell.

Congrats, man. Thanks for the report (It's not long, ever read my reports?). It's fun and well written and it allowed me to experience TMD Open even if I wasn't present since well I live too far to attend. So far TMD Opens were quite a mystery for me.

Erayo is pretty mean card...

Erayo FTW! Nice work, young boatswain.

Thanks for writing this up, it was an enjoyable read

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