What is TMD's opinion on permission

Yesterday I loaded up Jeskai Mentor online and noticed it runs significantly more permission than other vintage decks I've played. So my question to you all is, how much permission do you run?

I run too much since I'm a hopeless pessimist.

@hierarchnoble Haaay.

@nungnum wait wait wait... are you asking permission to play permission? I don't know what to say to that. I feel like, just psychologically, it would be best for you to play a deck with 4x Cavern of Souls for a little while you work this out.

@nungnum Allow me to say that they are joking with your post.

Now, about the post's main topic, I feel like people shouldn't have permission to question your permission issue's.

About the secondary topic, I think there's nothing better on vintage than winning a counter war for a draw-3, or a planeswalker or a mentor. I allow myself to run tons of permission.

@gutocmtt it's definitely better to just abrupt decay a grafdigger's cage end of turn while your opponent sits there with countermagic dead in hand

Countering your opponent's spells is considered gauche and ungentlemanly. The truly superior player lets the opponent's spells resolve, whilst remarking snidely upon them.


"Grafdigger's Cage? An inspired play sir. Truly capital. I do say if I didn't have this Abrupt Decay I may very well have lost this game. Good show indeed!
Take 7."

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If I run permission as far as strictly speaking counterspells, I run 8-12 depending on the build....typically 10. I have other answer cards and general disruption, so if you count that as permission, the number is probably closer to 15.

I typically pilot Draw-Go decks. So, I run about 10-15 permission/control slots.
If I run a combo deck like, say, Ad Nauseam, then I run 4-8 discard spells and zero-2 counterspells(Flusterstorm)
If your meta is all aggro, I'd suggest more board control less permission.

does Iona, Shield of Emeria count as permission?

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