Hey all,

I've got a set of Collector's Edition I got back in '97 taking up space. I love it, but to be honest I've never used it myself. I see that the Old School crowd uses these cards to play with, which means the value has gone up and if I were to sell it, the cards would get some play.

The cards are all Mint / Near Mint except the Moxen, which are signed by the artist (Gen Con 98) and in Heavily Played condition. The corners on those cards especially are pretty banged up. The dual lands are Light Play, having been used in sleeves a few times, and the Psionic Blast and Icy Manip are both signed, too.

If anyone is interested in buying, PM me. Looking to sell as a complete set, not piecemeal, and ideally to someone who is also going to keep it together while they use it for Old School.

(I'm also in talks with a potential buyer in San Fran, and if that's the way I go, I might go deliver it in person. @Smmenen, if there are playtest-friendly tournaments in the next few months out there, I'd love to say hello to you in person and get stomped by So Many Insane Plays)