The Extravagant Collections Thread

Post your goodies to share with the masses.

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Nice brainstorms but they'd be better black bordered

I knew you had a ridiculous collection, but I don't think I've ever seen them all next to each other ... damn

Wow, I didn't realize they printed FNM Foils in other languages. Now I've got other things to look for

@feingersh Insert Pusheen Emoticon.

@Brass-Man I have some really nice stuff on the way too!

@darkr3x Yeah man, I was super stoked too as a lot of playables are still odd man out in Korean.

Very impressive collection! And you're right, so many cards are either just not printed or a crazy rarity in Korean, which is a shame. I would love Korean Preordain or Grand Arbiter Augustin IV.

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@SamwiseKimchi Yeah I still have my fingers crossed for Preordain, not sure it will ever come.

I meant to share this on the old TMD and never got around to it. I'm not sure how best to photograph it, being 100 cards and all, but here's my EDH deck.

I've been working on it for a while, starting out as a Rofellos deck, then switching to Omnath post-ban until I got the idea of just searching for Rofellos with Sisay :D. It's been through the bannings of Emrakul, Primeval Titan, Sundering Titan, Sylvan Primordial, and most recently Rofellos himself.

alt text

I've decided to make the deck as foil as possible, which is sometimes in contrast to my personal tastes (Sylvan Library and Loyal Retainers in particular, and to a lesser extent Sol Ring and Regrowth). Earliest possible foil printing on everything (though there are still a couple I've been lazy about updating from promos). I've been strict to these guidelines up until now, though the expedition Ancient Tomb is pretty darn tempting.

a little out of date as some stuff is out getting signed, but here:vintage dredge
serenities, claims, confluences, fatestitchers, all avon lands, and paradises are all out getting signed. the bloodghasts have since been altered.
current best tokens:

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My work isn't finished, but I'm proud of the progress I've made.
alt text

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I took pictures of the bulk of my collection. I'm waiting on a bunch of stuff to arrive at the moment (Dredge in German foil, some foil Maze of Iths, etc.), but I'll post my collection later.

@Will solid progress! Those alpha/betas from a distance looks nice!

Dont own UL power? I am still really sad that I sold my Japanese power to Cal, even though I had to. Maybe when I get a promotion and my wedding is planned I can start buying in; I wouldnt even bother with UL power thkugh Id go straight to Beta

@Soly that's what I'm doing, I haven't opened power in a very long time and I'm just starting with beta this time.

Well I own a beta ruby now so it's a start 🙂

@Soly Thanks! I'm going with all Beta, just haven't found a Jet, Emerald and Pearl to my liking yet. I sold my set of Unlimited Moxen and am shopping my Unlimited Ancestral because I just bought this...

alt text

@Will It's the way to go. If my current employer would pay me what I actually SHOULD be getting paid, I'd have the funds for beta. Sadly, I don't have 20 Grand just laying around right meow.

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