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With many Houstonians still nusing their Cinco de Mayo hangovers, we had only seven players today. That means no TCDecks link but there's still some spicy decklists to check out.

More results, pics, and other cool shit at

  1. Ben Kendrick - Ravager Shops
  2. Tim Everett - Grixis Landstill
  3. Sam Craven - Deuces Wild
  4. Will Miertschin - Clamp Shops
  5. Adam Dean - Bargain Storm
  6. Stephen Reddin - Grixis Control
  7. Ro Hinojosa - Paradoxical Control

I hit my new one-quarter personal best on Dig Dug and didn't take that many other pictures so I'm including it.

If you put two Defense Grids together, does it become a Defense Cube?

In a post-game game, Sam partakes in the rare "Ancestral targetting you." He scooped up his cards shortly thereafter rather than figuring out double Chains.