I'm gonna be in Cambridge from May 28 - 30. Is there any Vintage in the area on Tuesday nights? Pandemonium used to run it when I lived there a few years ago, but their website doesn't show it still existing.

As far as I know, attendance sharply dropped off when the Mentor and Shops duality was at its most miserable. Also, the guy who ran the event moved farther away and couldn't keep committing to an event that wouldn't fire. Not sure if any effort was put into starting it up again after restrictions improved the format, and I don't know if they've stopped running their larger quarterly vintage tournament or not.

@pox22 Bummer, thought not entirely surprising. Thanks for the help sir.

Yeah, this is a bummer. I used to love being able to play once a month or so when in Boston for business, but I also know it's a tremendous effort by Craig to keep something like this going. I proposed starting a small FB group in case anyone ever wanted to try and get together to play on some night, but wasn't able to secure anyone before it phased out. If anyone ever resurrects this, please let me know!

Ironically, I'll be in Boston the same dates as you @Stuart , so if anyone else wants to try and put something together, let me know!

Hell yeah. If a Bostonian wants to make this happen, I’ll be there.

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