Game Time Indy hosts unlimited proxy vintage, generally (but not this month) on the last Saturday of each month. This month, the last Saturday is Memorial Day Weekend, which is both Indy500 (a great time not to be on the roads in or near Indianapolis) and a time when many people would not be able to attend for other reasons as well. So this month, we will have the Vintage event on the preceding Saturday, May 19.

Come join us on 5/19 at 1:00 pm.

Contact information:
Game Time Indy
8244 Center Run Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Their event calendar page appears to be borked, 😞 but their website is at

We want to post decklists so please prepare a list to bring with you. You can print a form from this official DCI form and fill it in by hand with a pen, but for anyone with a little more ambition (or not such good handwriting:) ) you can use to generate a listing or you can use this fillable, DCI-compatible PDF. Use whatever works for you, but please see if you can help out by bringing a decklist.


BTW, I'm not a store employee or anything. Just one of the regular players.