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There have been a lot of spicy lists in just the first two weeks. Looking forward to seeing if that Pod list ever gets played.

Last night was the worst play level of Vintage that I've seen in the 8 seasons. The format is fantastic though (and a factor in the play level, admittedly).

@bazaarofbaghdad It was OK. There were less game-ending misclicks and stuff than last week, and only one major goof which was not even really MTGO's fault (though the program helped it happen). 5 != 7 yo!

I liked watching Team Rachel versus Team Menedian. Those two just beast-mode'd all over everyone else.

Thanks man.

I really love the TVSL format. It's more fun to play the VSL with teammates, and it also allows players to play different decks every evening, instead of being locked into a single deck. It's more fun to be able to switch decks rather than play the same deck every match.

I was really proud of our team's effort. We generated a long list of interesting brews, and submitted a mixture of interesting strategies and established decks. I was particularly impressed in testing with the Workshop Control deck. The combination of Bridge and Null Rod is usually enough to win the game against Workshop Aggro - which is the clear best deck in the format.

We skirted the spirit of the rules by bringing two Workshop decks with Spheres, but it was actually a worthwhile exercise. It allowed us to think about how to build a different Workshop deck, which was an enjoyable experience. And as crazy as the other matches were, Match 2 was easily the funniest of last night.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other teams show up with.

I've really enjoyed the episodes so far. Hats off especially to LSV, Steve, and Rich for dominating their respective weeks and showing off top-notch play.

Unfortunately, the commentary has room for improvement. The Hornet Queens vs So Many Insane Plays commentary was especially disappointing; it felt like the commentators were constantly confused about what cards do, misreading the board state, suggesting impossible lines of play (because they were shut off by Revokers etc), missing obvious misplays (Spyglass on a mana ability), etc.

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@evouga Last week was a huge step up. Rich drew and played very well. In losing efforts, I dare say most of his opponents played even better. I second evouga on the commentary comments.

Congrats to Randy. This format, while not true Vintage, is much more fresh and enjoyable to watch, while keeping all the traditional Vintage themes.

So there is an Episode tonight and then again this Thursday?

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@aelien Yep, Randy said that last week. It's the interval between Modern and Standard Super Leagues so we get 2 this week. 😄 😄 😄

Last night was a pretty interesting set of matches.

I'll share a few quick notes while trying to be as #spoilerfree as possible:

  1. One of the things I noted in the twitch replay was that in the match I played against Oath, I pitched both JVP to Force rather than hardcast one of the Forces, and allow myself to play JVP.

Not only is there a bug where JVP may not successfully flip with Containment Priest in play, but the main reason I didn't do this play is that I was playing around Flusterstorm. If I recall correctly, they had 3 Flusterstorm in their sideboard. Having already Forced Pyroclasm, if I hardcast Force on Jace, I would have gotten blown out by a single Flusterstorm (which I assume he had mana to cast). But by pitching casting it, I could pay for Fluster.

  1. The craziest other play I wanted to explain was my first turn balance. I had to wait about 4 minutes for the match to start, and I was originally going to just play first turn Time Walk, and follow up with JVP. But the longer I sat there, the better Balance looked:
  • I had plenty of extra land
  • Balancing a PO player from 7 to 4 cards seemed quite good for a deck that needs board permanents.
  • Balance isn't very good mid or late game, so it was a "now or never" opportunity
  • By Balancing, I'd be able to flip JVP immediately, as soon as he was played and activated.

When Balance resolved and he discarded 3 lands (!), I was flabbergasted. And then when he played T1 Tinker, I knew I had blown the game. But, I think, in a closed situation, not knowing your opponent's hand, it made sense.

I think the first-turn balance was entirely defensible; trading it and a surplus land for three cards in the opponent's hand makes sense, and I don't think it's correct to try to play around a first turn Tinker from a hand of 4 cards.

I've been really enjoying the team portion of the super leagues, not just vintage. Vintage obviously has a special place in my heart for them, but hell, I'm even looking forward to even the Standard one (I think that's today...).

It makes for an interesting dynamic, because sometimes, while I may be rooting for one team, sometimes I want to see 7 matches so I can see more decks. Heh.

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