How to use Lion's Eye Diamond in MTGO?

Hi. Sorry for this newbie question but how do you use LED in MTGO? Like when I practice with my storm deck and I want to use it in response to me casting something? Should you hold down some key or what? Again, so sorry for having to post this here (I tried Googling but no luck).

Hold down control to hold priority

@ChubbyRain Super, thank you so much. On to the practice then....

@kistrand I know it might sound strange but the Magic Online help in the client is actually a good resource and you can always ask an ORC (chat with support). They are answering questions like this 24/7 so you will get your answer immediately.

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@kistrand Don't feel sorry for asking that here, this is the perfect place to ask!

maybe if there's interest I'll add a "Magic Online help" subforum alongside the rules QnA

@Brass-Man Ok, thanks for letting me know 🙂 And the sub-forum would be great.

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@stsung Thanks for the tip. I was unaware of this.

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