[Premium Article] Schools of Magic: The History of Vintage 2016

This is a monster. This is double the size of most of the other years in the last decade. But the page length is justified by the content. 2016 was a monster year. And not a happy one. This is not a fun, light-hearted read. 2016 was as turbulent and tumultuous for Vintage players as it was for western nations.

2016 saw the printing of a new raft of Eldrazi, which went largely unnoticed and under the radar in Vintage for months. It saw the restriction of Lodestone Golem, which triggered a fusillade of protest and disagreement. It saw a Vintage Championship rocked with controversy. But also two seasons of Vintage Super League, and big tournaments everywhere, including the European and Asian Vintage Championships.

There was much sturm und drang, and must angst and unhappiness. It's not a pretty story, but it's the unvarnished truth.




In 2016 an entire class of cards was printed, largely ignored and overlooked, and swept through and utterly infiltrated Vintage, in a testament to the challenges in the science of prediction and forecasting any format. The Eldrazi entered the Vintage plane and took over in 2016, and helping creature new taxing strategies, including one of the most unprecedented ever conceived, an optimally unpowered upper tier competitive strategy – the holy grail of Vintage budget play. Read about the Eldrazi Empire, the restriction of Lodestone Golem, and the heated debates about Gush in the 2016 chapter of the History of Vintage.

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ONE MORE CHAPTER TO GO! I think you will all be pleased with the final chapter and conclusion, which will be published together.

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So far I've held off reading any individual chapters because I'm planning on just buying the book, but this one piques my interest.

This was a humdinger, as they say.

Waiting for the book is understandable, but before everything is compiled, it helps to have had as many eyes on it as possible. I value feedback on each chapter, in addition to bits of minutia or corrections, that will make the compilation stronger. Each chapter is pocket change, but well worth it!

@smmenen Steve, I'm on the same boat as Stuart (although I bought and read the first 10 years). I guess it could help if people that had purchased separate chapters had some kind of discount on the finished book, although I know this may bleed from your pocket.

That's not the issue. It would be too cumbersome to track when we haven't figured out any details of the book whatsoever. We don't know how long it's going to be in print, let alone how much the book would be. There are so many details that have to be ironed out that we haven't even begun to discuss.

Stuart sent me some great feedback. If you do get the chapter, be sure to post your thoughts!

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