5/6/18 - Livonia, Mi - Unlimited Proxy Vintage Monthly

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Time for our next monthly vintage!

Store opens at 12pm, play begins at 1pm.
Entry is $10 as always.
We will play swiss +1 rounds, with store credit distributed among top finishers determined by attendance.

We are pretty liberal about proxies, but it should be clearly identifiable to your opponent. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Also, we will have an additional prize for the player with the most cards from the new set in their deck!

This is going to take a little effort, as I am playing at least one copy of Slimefoot.

Hot damn, I think I can make this one!

I'm really look forward to this one. I could not make the last two

I am bringing a brew. Slimefoot Unleashed.

I will also be bringing a fun brew. Haven't decided whether I am bringing back Tiny Robots, brewing a Pod list, or refining #brasscityvault. Lots of cool things to work on in Vintage at the moment.

Its a good thing we allow proxies. I just found out Earthcraft is $45. That is ridiculous.

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