14 April 2018: Romancing The Stones 3 (27 players in Austin, TX)

Romancing The Stones 3 is a wrap! 27 players came out to 4th Tap, making this the largest Austin vintage event on record. As organizers, we were absolutely thrilled with the turnout, and appreciate everyone who spent their Saturday with us.

After 5 rounds of Swiss and the Top 4, our final standings were:

  1. Bryan Hockey – Paradoxical Mentor
  2. Travis Brown – White Eldrazi
  3. Shane Rice – Dark Petition Storm
  4. Sam Craven – Two Card Monte
  5. Chris Huckabee – Young Mentor
  6. Alex Brundage – Mirror Depths
  7. Stuart Ziarnik – White Eldrazi
  8. Brian Tweedy – Oath
  9. Mike O’Malley – Blue Jund
  10. Jacob Zernick – Burn!
  11. Joseph Amaya – Ravager Shops
  12. Matt Jordan – Oath
  13. Patrick Vincent – Paradoxical Mentor
  14. Sam Katz – Painter
  15. Robin Mannas – Oath
  16. Jake Baltz – Painter
  17. Curt Christian – Bargain Storm
  18. Eric Smothermon – Grixis Thieves
  19. Hugo Vargas – Ravager Shops
  20. Bobby Scheidemann – Jeskai Xerox
  21. Chris Poff – Pyromancer
  22. Maggie Andrews – Belcher
  23. Matt Harger – Sylvan Walkers
  24. Austin Madert – Jeskai Xerox
  25. Tim Everett – Moon Stompy
  26. Jeff Lubinski – Lands
  27. David Mallett – Team Leovold

Congrats to Bryan Hockey as the proud owner of our Abyss playmat, and the newest addition to the Festival of Friendship championship bracket!

As you can see, our meta was about as well-rounded as you can ask for: a good mix of combo, aggro-prison, and control. I've submitted the top 4 lists to mtgtop8.com, and Sam should be posting pics of all the lists on lonestarlhurgoyfs.com soon.

Thanks again to for battling it out!

Our top 4:

More cool proxies from Bobby:

Austin & Hugo's first time Vintaging with us:

Robin, Travis, and Shane seemingly enjoying themselves:

@shaman-ben That’s a shirt? I thought it was a bag of russet potatoes he cut holes in.

@stuart Librarian brand potatoes are toxic to humans.

I'm gonna scoop up all the "Didn't drop but still last" prizes from here on out! Every misplay = tons of knowledge. Thanks for putting this together and I am looking forward to haphazardly piloting a new deck at the next event!

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