I know there was already an older thread with very few posts on it but has anyone been actively working on miracles in vintage? Looking for any input who has tried to dabble with the deck in vintage. Or if you have just used the top/balance lock at all to any success. I love oath and wanted to play with sun titans but that doesn’t seem in the best position right now. Unless someone has been working on that as well 🙂

I’ll be working on a list and will try to give results once I get a good amount of testing in. Just need to decide if it should be straight controlling or be more midrange control.

Any input would be great!


Saheeli / Sun Titan Oath is certainly still playable, even if it suffers a bit more against sideboard hate.

I've seen Counterbalance recently in a Landstill shell, which didn't seem quite right to me. Paradoxical may be a closer fit for it since it's a deck that genuinely wants to play Top and appreciates having cheap bounceable permanents.

Yeah I’ve played it during 4 Gush 4 Mentor meta. Counterbalance isn’t good at all, but Terminus is very good. It was a solid deck for me; Wrath is a very good effect for one mana. Great draw filtering with Top and otherwise just a regular blue vintage deck

One of the closest lists I could find was this:

So do you think balance is pretty unplayable? Or do you think there are going to be certain times it’s great? Or is it not worth the work to make it happen?


Yeah it’s not good. Mana Drain is not even that good. Counterbalance is a super conditional Mana Drain. 🤷🏻♂️ You’ll spend all your effort trying to get it to break even. If you have UU up for something like that, you’d just be happier with Mana Drain. Vintage is all about what you can do immediately. Conditional advantage over the long haul doesn’t really pan out in Vintage, especially when their are things like Abrupt Decay or in response to your Top, Pyroblast your Counterbalance. Or things like countering Treasure Cruise? It’s not the kind of battle you want to fight.

I recommend trying it and I suspect you’ll begin reducing them until you have none left.

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