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Shops are getting a lot of fringe cards this set. I don't think any of them are auto-include or even playable, but I believe they warrant discussion. Howling Golem is one of them. It draws cards and attacks for damage.

The discussion is if letting your opponent draw cards is too bad. This gives the opportunity for them to get out of your lock by drawing hate or more lands to get out of a lock, but it also draws you into more wastelands/gas/lock, so I don't know what's the real balance here. I'd say it's not good enough.

Just wanted to point out it plays very well with Uba Mask, and that COULD be something in the future if Shops ever slows down and Uba Stax is something again.

Also, if you attack with this you both draw on your turn, so you get dibs on using your card first (if their cards is not an instant, of course).

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There's no way Shops will play a Vanilla 2/3 that gives their opponents more chances to draw outs.

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