Vintage Challenges - March 2018

We know via replays and published results every deck that's played in the Challenges. Lands has seen play several times and NolaGold (notable legacy Lands pilot) streamed it this past weekend to a 2-3 record. 8 Moon saw play right after Champs and I think cracked a top 8, but left the metagame as it was unable to sustain success. 2CM sees play once in a blue moon, but it does see play. Hydra Gush has seen an uptick in play as well recently. I think you are underestimating how competitive the MTGO challenge metagame is and how quickly it adapts, relative to the paper metagame. The lack of top 8's comes from increased competition rather than being completely absent from the metagame.

It's also ironic that the 1st place Xerox list is a tweaked version of my MTGO list. If you are using it as an example of innovation, that came from MTGO...

@hierarchnoble I was specific to discuss the Challenges, not the Leagues. There is a lot of diversity in the League.

I'm a Shops apologist, but those win rates are pretty damning.

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@chubbyrain I was trying to highlight the 2 Card Monte deck, not Xerox. I have only seen it once on MTGO but several times in Paper.

Please try and find a way to celebrate the interesting decks in your metagame without trashing the decks in someone else's metagame. This goes to both sides of this discussion.

@brass-man I'm not trashing anything or anyone. This is a thread about the MTGO challenge metagame for a specific month, not any of the individual paper metagames. I think that is pretty clear and am frustrated that "but paper is different" was brought up. It is in my opinion beyond the scope of this thread (especially since there was already a thread titled "MTGO" that discussed this).

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@chubbyrain That is a fair point. I was only replying because you said that you had addressed this. I won’t bring up on these threads anymore. I’m sorry and I appreciate all of your efforts in analyzing this data. Thank you

@moorebrother1 On the other hand, if you want to make a similar thread and highlight interesting decks from your meta (or paper events you follow), that would be pretty awesome 🙂

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