My Magic cards have been lonely and shelved for a while now and I'm seriously considering selling them. A buddy says I should get them all PSA graded first. Anybody have tips for this? I have all the rare goodies, and it would take forever to get them all graded. Plus, I have some spare copies I got in used condition with the sole purpose to play with them (sleeved of course) and not be worried if they got a little moderate use. I'm not 100% selling, just interested in info. I don't really have the time for individual card sales, and I realize that by selling in bulk that severely limits who could be potential buyers. Any tips or advice?

Just to be crystal clear, I'm not looking to get pm's about buying my collection lol. But if you've sold before and could offer a little guidance that would be great.

I haven't sold off a huge collection of valuables or anything, but I think the best thing you could do without a ton of work selling it off piece by piece is catalog what you have, and try to work out a deal with a shop that's experienced in buying/selling old/high value stuff. Not really sure if that's helpful, but it's the approach I would probably take.

I would be very wary of grading everything. I’ve heard from many vendors that people always over estimate how well the condition of their cards are and end up surprised when they mostly grade at 7 or at best 8. Unless it is 9.5 or at least a 9.0, there isn’t really any premium warranted and you end up spending more to grade them than what they might appreciate for as an 8.5 or 8.

Depends on what's in your collection, but I wouldn't waste the overhead on grading unless you have near-mint Alpha.

If you're okay piecemeal selling non-power, I'd recommend listing on tcgplayer, which incurs a 10% fee instead of losing 50% selling to a vendor.

Three Words.





Bought my power with no issues and at great prices - always buys and sells with me at really good prices.

Cool, thanks for the input. Yeah my collection has about two full sets of P9 all duals, shops, bazaars, and tons of rares. So it would be a pain to sell it one card (even 4x) at a time. And I realize it would be a bit to buy it in bulk so that limits who would even be able to. My beta power is played condition, but I have pristine unlimited. Not sure that's worth grading due to white borders. I'll keep thinking about it. Thanks again.

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@madmanmike25 if you have multiple sets of things, have you considered just downsizing instead of completely selling out? unless you are floating someone else to something like Champs, it's unlikely that you would need two sets of power, for example ...

@themonadnomad Not a bad thought. No point in me keeping a slightly used Beta set if I'm not actually playing with it anymore.

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