Final Parting
Search your library for two cards. Put one into your hand and the other into your graveyard. Then shuffle your library.

Is this good at all compared to Dark Petition? Seems like it may have some more combo interactions, since it does fetch a card that you put in your graveyard. Black Lotus and LED (if you can cast the Yawgmoth's Will afterwards) are searchable to make it a comparable cost as Dark Petition.

I think it's too much mana, but maybe it has some synergy with Recoup or other cards you want in your graveyard that I'm not seeing.

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@forceofnature Dark Petition Costs 2. Kind of, you had to jump through hoops and be going off, bu it costs 2.

This costs 5. Like...maybe if we were binning Past in Flames and getting LED, but it requires more things to be going right before it's good. Seems almost certainly certainly not good enough.

It feels like a combo piece for formats where being able to bin an eldrazi and then dread return off the backs of the elves/BOPs/Noble's you just used to cast the spell with. Here not so much.

Yeah, clearly this is for reanimator. Putting Yawgmoth's will in your hand seems good though. This feels like it's 1 or 2 mana too expensive to be really broken.


This is a way better comparison, and I lol'd. Yeah, this card is really bad compared to Gifts.

EDIT: I think that Gifts piles are probably more diverse, reliable, and they can really punish bad opponent judgement or favorable hidden states. I think there may be some value in this card in the long-term... if a very specific combo interaction required a piece in hand and a piece in graveyard. Would it be more favorable to play this in... Dragon ? Where you want to put a Worldgorger Dragon in the yard and an Animate Dead (or Pact of Negation / Force of Will)?

I also suppose it could theoretically produce mana if you have Yawgmoth's Will in hand slightly more reliably than Dark Petition, since it gets Lotus, LED, or Rituals... but Gifts does that too... WAY better.

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@forceofnature I hadn't thought of Dragon. That's a sweet idea. I wonder if animating Dragon is ever actually better than animating Gris? I'm honestly wondering.

Hey Force if Nature how are you man?

I think you’re smart to notice this card. Since it gets two cards. That’s definitely better than Dark Petition, power wise. It’s also more precise than Gifts and doesn’t get countered by a one mana red spell. In other words, it sort of gets around the stuff that makes playing those other cards challenging.

I mean Dark Petition -> Necro is probably the best thing you can do with 3BB though. When DP is restricted, you definitely play this new card in its place.

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I have no idea! I'm just thinking about getting back into Vintage after like a ... 7 year hiatus?

Just brainstorming, I thought of Dragon, but I don't know if that's the best shell for it. I think this thing has to be paired with rituals for sure, so that probably narrows down the options a good bit. Reanimator might be okay, I don't know. Not suuuuuper familiar with everything.


Hey bud. I'm good. My friend was talking to me about getting back into Magic. Vintage seems cool right now, although I think they could restrict a card or two. Different discussion.

Anyway, yeah, it gets two cards, so I'm thinking there's something there that we haven't seen before, and potentially something that will make it insane in the future, but I don't know if it exists right now. I think there might be something better out there for it than just stuffing it into Dragon/Reanimator, because it is so exact.

Final Parting
Demonic Tutor + Entomb

Dark Petition
Demonic Tutor + Dark Ritual

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@forceofnature Welcome back to vintage! Since you're brainstorming ideas, you should be aware that it's still restricted. Also, Dragon is kinda killed off these days because Dredge just dominates the graveyard strategy niche so much that other graveyard decks get destroyed (for the most part anyway) by the hate folks pack in the sb for Dredge

However, I would LOVE to see Dragon flying around vintage again. So props to you on the notice of this card. I wonder if there is some hybrid combo deck that could be made of it. Dragon Tendrils? Dragon Tezzerator?... IDK. Something where this card could make either combo happen?

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