Foolish April Vintage at Gaming Etc.

Hello all of you who would rather play some sweet type one than go play with pennies at the arcade,
This Saturday is the first Saturday of the month and though it isn't April fools day we are all still clowns.
Last year we did a "king of the hill" and I gave out some Jester's caps and a Jester's Sombrero, I want to do something similar but I would like some people to give me some ideas of cards that are funny (the art is funny, flavor text etc...) or bring some of your favorite cards so we can give them out as door prizes and king of the hill prizes.

Where: Gaming etc Superstore
531 Main St Acton, Massachusetts
When: April 7, 2018
Round 1 begins at 12:00 pm
Entry: $25
Format: Vintage with Swiss rounds. Cut to top 4, top 8, or swiss +1 based on attendance and the preference of the players.
Prizes: 100% of entry fees will be given out as store credit.

Unsanctioned, 15 proxies maximum.

Goblin Grenade, but it has to be this art:
alt text

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