What if balance was unrestricted?

Would a UW balance deck be competitive in the current meta? Would unrestricting this card alter the meta in any major way?

It would be a total blownout.

For sure.

Man i would want to play it in some sort of white artifact prison shell i think. It might actually make me want mox diamond in those lists.

Don't let the name fool you cuz it's not.

That would be nuts. For anyone who has played for a over 20yrs and has had that card literally wreck you, you have no idea what power that would unleash. It makes FOW so powerful since it helps you make your opponent discard their hand down.

I played in Paradoxical and I could get my hand down 1 card after resolving a Balance then cast PO for a refill. It is a turn one play, where you dump artifacts and Balance and your opponent looses 4 to 5 cards right away, just brutal.

While we are unrestricting broken cards, lets take Yawgmoth's Will off the list. No one is playing it anymore (tongue firmly in my cheek).

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