[DOM] - Leaked Promo cards (New cards)

Making their way around reddit. One really caught my eye is the land.

Zhalfiran Void
When Zhalfiran Void enters the battlefield, Scry 1.
t: Add C

That actually seems like it could be playable since it has no CITP clause. Free scry seems very powerful if you can utilize colorless mana. I'm not sure shops has any slots but if workshops ever got restricted and the mana base became lower to the ground it could be good.

alt text

Tell me that Djinn ETB Time Walks.


Nope but it can turn blightsteel into a lamp.

Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp
Legendary Creature

You can pay 3U and tap an artifact you control instead of paying this spell's mana cost.

It's a better Mahamoti Djinn but not nearly better enough to see play.

@protoaddct I want to like this card so bad.

It seems really strong as creatures go. "Target Moxen taps for 2U" basically. But, as a french vanilla creature.... man.

If it had some kind of disruptive or protective ability on top of that, I'd say this was an amazing oath target.


Nope but it can turn blightsteel into a lamp.

Where... where do you rub it

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The floor on the thing is way to low. It maybe lets you tap a mox opal that is not turned on for mana but it still costs 4. If you want a big dumb flying vanilla guy that comes out cheap you would be better off running tombstalker or Qumulox.

@maximumcdawg really just makes a mox tap for 2, if what you're tapping to this is a mana source(and not an unused key or something) it still costs 5

Did you guys see this Elf?!?! It only costs 1 and taps for green. Even pitches to bounty!

Honestly, the land is the gem here.

@maximumcdawg said in [DOM] - Leaked Promo cards (New cards):

Where... where do you rub it

Don't ask / Don't tell.

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