Is there a vintage or TMD discord server by any chance?

funny you should ask ....

There isn't an official TMD discord server (at the moment), and I don't know of any other vintage-specific Discord server (though feel free to post one here if you find it)

There is a semi-official IRC channel, #themanadrain on EFNet. That IRC channel existed LONG before I ran the site, and I used to spend a TON of time there, but I don't know how active it is today. (I know it's not dead, but probably not that active.)

However ... I had been considering making a private TMD Discord as a bonus for TMD Patreon supporters - and possibly for Subscribers on my/other vintage streamer channels. I made the server, it exists, but I haven't figured anything out around permissions/invitations/tiers etc.

I'm absolutely open to the idea of a public and/or private TMD Discord, but I haven't gauged the interest level yet. If that's something people think they'd use, definitely let me know.

I support the idea of a TMD Discord just as long as there is a separate channel for all B&R discussion.

I'm cool with the idea for a Discord.

I'd actually probably remember to post about stuff more if there was a Discord channel constantly reminding me 🙂

I'd happily idle in discord with you folks when grading.

@brass-man I think the Discord would be more beneficial if it was open to the public instead of to donors only. Perhaps, one of the channels can be restricted to donors though.

So since this idea seemed interesting, and a google search didn't turn up anything useful I could find, I set up a rudimentary one.

I'll fill it in more later/if anyone actually uses it.

@nucleosynth What he said^ and what he said^

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