what changes (if any) would you like to see in the next Banned and restricted list announcement?

After reading a lot of opinions about the health of the general vintage metagame, I decided to create a poll to see where the community is at in terms of Banned and Restricted list changes they would like to see happen.

Seeing as a lot of people disagree on the changes they'd like to see, I think it will be more practical to measure what the community wants "on average".

Since the polls are limited to 10 entries on TMD I aggregated some of the most frequently mentioned cards in the "February 12, 2018 Banned and Restricted Announcement".

If you are going to comment on your choices, please make sure to articulate the reasons why you believe in said choices and how they would affect the metagame in your opinion. Please respect other peoples opinions and understand that everyone has a different perspective on the format depending on the decks they like to play and their personal preferences/background.

I personally voted for the Restrictions of Foundry Inspector and Arcbound ravager in the hopes of seeing Workshops diversify and to bring them back to a more acceptable Match winrate percentage against the field.

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