Awesome Pics of Awesome Cards

One of the things I like the most in this game is seeing pictures of beautiful cards.

I'm not going to get into the discussion of what is or is not great, if signed cards are most beautiful than non-signed or if foil is worth the price...The discussion as been going on forever, and finally it's just a matter of taste.

Or as they say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

For starters and as the creation of this post comes from the "Should I get my Moxes signed?" thread, here is a (repeated) image of my signed P9, one of the things I am most proud of:

alt text

Please, share pics of your cards with us 🙂

PS: hope you like the title


Sheeeeeet man the card pic thread is back!

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This is just amazing...why don´t you have it framed?

There are some uncut sheets hanging in the walls of Magic Barcelona Shop (I saw them at the last LCV) and they look incredible in a wall.

I'm awful at taking pictures. But here's basically my Modern Storm deck. I MIGHT replace the Gifts Ungivens with Jace Spellbook nonfoils - not certain yet.

I am waiting on a couple more cards, then I plan on taking an actual photo inventory. I don't own vintage cards anymore (because I never get to play, so I'll just borrow for major events I attend), but I play modern a ton.


This is my pile of oldschool cardboard. Still got some white bordered eye sores, but I'm slowly getting there. The Volcanics are altered unlimited. Bought them from a drunk friend because I was drunk.


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My Monk token and my Storm counter 🙂


Growing fond of sketches in the last years as these are something really different.

Do you own any unique piece?

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Here’s an album of my legacy elf deck.

@naixin Where do you find your Chinese cards? Mind helping me find a Chinese foil and Chinese nonfoil Masters 25, and a Chinese Weatherlight Doomsday? I need 'em for my global set.

@13nova I usually use a combination of eBay, MKM, and taobao. MKM I use dean in the high end groups as a proxy buyer and for taobao I use basetao as a taobao agent.

@naixin said in Awesome Pics of Awesome Cards:


I'm not familiar with that platform. Care to message me info?

@13nova taobao is basically chinese eBay. They only ship to China so you need an “agent” to buy as a proxy. There are many taobao agents and i use one called “basetao”.

Dear all,

For my 1st post on the Mana Drain I'd like to share a picture of my Lapis Lazuli Vault deck in Old School 95 format. I need to "replace" the 4 Alpha Power Sink with 4 Korean and the Mana Vaults (2 Revised and the 1 Unlimited) for Korean. For the Unlimited Power and the Italian Tabernacle well... Don't judge me !

0_1523181792144_Lapis Lazuli Vault 3.jpg

This is what I played to a 2nd place Skype tournament this month. If you're not familiar with it, check the timewalking blog !

@monkey_island Your opponent got very lucky. But shh.. Let's not ruin his moment of glory. And good eye on the foreign cards. IVth BB Jap or Korean are the best 🙂


Korean is great 🙂

What do you guys think about alters?

Do you like them/collect them/hate them?

alt text

I like them now (did not like them some time ago) but only if it is not fully covering the image. For me it's important that the original image of the cards is maintained and you can identify it.

@peach I have dredge in the process of being altered; all still identifiable as what they are. two of my bazaars have troll and thug as the guy with the cart and people don't even notice at first.

@hardy I don't like white borders either, but why put the nice black bordered cards in sleeves with white backgrounds? Isn't this basically adding an additional ugly white board to black bordered beauties?

@chase_dagger It's to accentuate alpha corners. Plus a lot of people use black sleeves, and accidental theft of your opponents creatures (because Animate Dead) is a real thing. Especially when you've had a couple of beers. A third reason is that beat up edges look more crisp.

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Back to the alters topic (because maybe it is one of the pimp related matters that is more spectacular and unique) here are some alters I got which I'm very happy with:

0_1524998281936_Captura de pantalla 2018-04-29 a las 12.37.40.png

0_1524998325174_Captura de pantalla 2018-04-29 a las 12.38.11.png

0_1524998337992_Captura de pantalla 2018-04-29 a las 12.38.25.png

Do you have any pics to share?

Come ooooooooon!

We know you have some beautiful cards :)))))))

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