TMD OPEN #19 - May 12, 2018 - Oakville, CT

Already told the wife this was happening! See ya there!

I won't be there, but is any kind of online coverage planned?

@gremlin-lord agreed, that would be great if possible

@iamfishman if you're interested in doing stream coverage but need help with technical stuff or equipment I'd be happy to assist. I have a reasonable amount of experience with streaming paper Magic with commentary -- here's a sample

@iamfishman the cards I want to donate were sent Monday, and should be there I'd imagine by tomorrow.

At everyone else, I donated some sweet cards to be used however ray seems fit. Go win my cards!


@hierarchnoble @nucleosynth

The work that both of you do is remarkable. Many people have asked for coverage but there are two big limiting factors.

1.) I have always taken the stance that I wouldn't utilize a single penny of money spent by players(entry fees) for the benefit of those people who aren't in attendance. Doesn't seem fitting to lower the EV of the event by using someone's money for the benefit of someone who didn't pay into the event. Thus, my budget for online broadcast is $0. That is probably the deal breaker right there.

2.) I am not sure where there is a space for broadcasting to take place from. Obviously, there needs to be a space outside of the main hall so the players can't hear the broadcast, and I suspect the other room in the VFW and the bar are off limits.

Big Kudos to Soly for the donation! This just means the giveaway pool will be even bigger!

@iamfishman That all makes sense.

The budget isn't the concern for me. I own all my stuff and would happily bring it and set it up. Just need power and an internet connection.

No separate space for commentary is an issue, though. Not sure how to solve that one 😞

@iamfishman as someone who can’t come I would be willing to pay to get a broadcast. I wouldn’t be surprised if others would too. Especially if it is recorded and can be watched later. However that doesn’t solve the space part.

@iamfishman Why not try to get someone who couldn't be there to broadcast via oBS/Twitch? I don't think you need someone there. Just have @Nucleosnyth Google Chat two people into the Broadcast and away they go!

@nucleosynth :

Would Soly's plan work? If you set up the camera work around the feature match area can we have someone not present offer commentary? Would there be a delay/lag? That could work!

@iamfishman It's definitely possible to do remote, off-site commentary. A while back I did full coverage from Boston for a Team Serious Invitational event in Ohio

We managed to pull off commentary, on-screen decklists, player profiles with fun facts, and player interviews (over Skype). We didn't use a dedicated producer (I ran everything from my desktop at home). More people might be necessary to make things go smoothly at Waterbury scale. There's some technical setup and prep work required, and the VFW is still going to make something things difficult (on-site player interviews), but it would be absolutely possibly, with some helpful volunteers, to kick the event coverage up a notch or two.

I'm happy to talk setup/prep/tech details with anyone interested in this sort of thing

I think remote commentary would be workable, @iamfishman, but is there anyone willing to volunteer who is both format-savvy and technically-savvy? They'd need to feel comfortable working OBS via a piece of remote desktop software.

No commentary -- just a table camera -- could be workable too, and simplifies some things.

My concerns are:

  • a trusted and knowledgeable volunteer to run the show remotely
  • fast wifi and power in the space
  • finding a relatively glare-free setup; lighting is always tricky in an unknown environment
  • I have family visiting that weekend, and also I'll have three other folks in my car, so showing up super early or staying late are going to be basically impossible. I'm driving down from Boston (about 2-2.5hrs each way) just for the day.

If we wanted to do remote commentary, we'd need one or two locals who can pull decklists and send them off to commentators, at the very least.

A quick announcement:

As you may have seen in the facebook group's poll, there is some interest in a small Friday night event for those arriving the day before who want to jam some games in and maybe win a round 1 bye. Here are the details:

Friday, May 11th at the VFW(Same at the main event the next day)
Format: 15 proxy vintage
Registration: 5:00-5:30pm
Round 1 of 4 starts promptly at 5:30
Entry: $25
Prize based on record: 4-0 = $100 and a round 1 bye for TMD Open 19
3-1 = $50

These prizes are based on 16 people. The $300 return on $400 is because I will put $100 to cover part of the cost of the hall Friday night(I am covering the rest of the Friday hall rental because I, and possibly the vendors, will also be setting up during this time). If we have more than 16 people though I will put more into the prize pool(maybe something for all the 2-2's for example).

Also: giveaway prize pool!

More prizes picked up at GP: Hartford today.

Also, first contest is live in the facebook discussion group.

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We are now over the 100 person mark. If you want to be assured a spot now is the time to let me know to sign up!

I am very excited to play many fine matches of vintage against the talented and attractive members of the vintage community who will be present.


Am I trash talking right?

@Brassman: "I'm pretty sure the banana I am eating has a higher IQ than any of the people I'll face at Waterbury. And it has an easier chance of getting laid, too. NERDS!"

^ That's trash talk.

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