[DOM] Teferi, Hero of Dominaria

The card is obviously build for Stasis/Kismet locks, so I think you are all evaluating it wrong /sarcasm /onlysorta

@protoaddct can't tell if it's better or worse at Stasis than Garruk is.

@brass-man I agree 5 mana sets a high bar, but I strongly suspect that in a dedicated control deck, Teferi reaches it. He fulfills some major control goals:

  1. Reliable and efficient card drawing (no mana cost to draw cards, the ability is a +1 so more likely to stick around).

  2. Flexible, efficient (pseudo) removal. Almost as good as actual removal, since he also digs for answers.

  3. An almost-finisher.

Notice I had to qualify 2 and 3, but I think he's damn close on each. Now, as you alluded to, pure control might not be good right now, in which case his value goes down.

How is this remotely close to JTMS power level, even in context of certain matchups?

Sometimes I wish Jace was banned or never existed. We'd explore other walkers so much more...

@bazaarofbaghdad said in [DOM] Teferi, Hero of Dominaria:

How is this remotely close to JTMS power level, even in context of certain matchups?

I think it's pretty straightforward. If you don't care about "untap two lands," than Jace is just better. If you build a deck that does (probably by running a huge number of counterspells), then this card is probably better in matchups where you need to keep your shields up at all times (Combo, Big Blue mirrors). It ultimates faster, too, and generates more value while adding loyalty counters than Jace does.

I don't really like the directions this card pushes a deck, but I don't think it's hard to come up with a scenario where you'd rather have this card than Jace

Believe it or not, you can play Jace and Teferi in the same deck.

I did and won today's MTGO Vintage Challenge.

Kudos, @Dr-J. You were spot on with your card evaluation. Almost everything you said panned out in my testing and in the Challenge.

@ChubbyRain Congrats. I watched the stream, and I noticed 1 thing everyone kept saying, "Teferi costs 3, not 5", which was a very valid point. Its not just drain, its fluster, swords, bounce, disenchant, snapcaster or containment priest. 2 untapped lands register a lot more than counterspell now. Very good job. Part of me wants to try green splash for claims, and flash green guys and sylvan library. Sylvan plus Search seems really strong.

@chubbyrain Congrats dude! I'm going to battle it out tomorrow with Teferi, wish me luck

Whoo, what a day. Just got home, it's a 3.5 hr drive each way between North St. Paul from Ames. Took 2nd in the tournament while packing Teferi.

Will post a report and deck analysis soon.

@dr-j Hey I just noticed that you mentioned driving from North Saint Paul to Ames for Vintage. I live right in between those two points. Where do you play Vintage?

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@kingleovold Hi-Score games in North St. Paul. They have a big monthly Legacy and occasionally Vintage. Where are you?

@dr-j Mason City, Iowa. Thanks for sharing!

4-1'd with this list, splitting my matches against Brain Kelly. TMDers, Teferi is the real deal and singlehandedly makes me want to play Mana Drain again. In this Bomberman list, the ability to just randomly nuke a Stony Silence or Damping Sphere is a very powerful effect and something that was missing from the versions I played 5 years ago. Not saying this deck is perfect and there are certainly other ways for it to be built, but Teferi continues to impress. It's a top tier planeswalker on par with Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Dack Fayden.

alt text

@chubbyrain Im of a very similar opinion regarding Teferi.

Regarding the above list, a Cavern would be a decent inclusion.

@nba84 The original Justin Kohler UW Bomberman list ran 2 Cavern of Souls over Library/Strip. I think you definitely want Library due to the synergy with Teferi. I could see cutting the Strip Mine for it but that's kind of a judgement call. If the format is more control heavy, it makes sense, but I think the MTGO scene has enough Shops and Dredge that the Strip Mine is better. From my experience (and Justin's), I don't think it's great to go down below the 14 Blue lands. You have a pretty difficult time UU/UW if you do that.

@13nova said in [DOM] Teferi, Hero of Dominaria:

@dr-j said in [DOM] Teferi, Hero of Dominaria:

thing you always want to do. Living that one turn can also be problematic, given there's more of an aggro presence in Vintage than in his heyday.

I understand the pros and cons of Tezzeret - my point is more that Tezzeret's Cons are better than this card's Pros.

They go in completely different kinds of decks. Tez goes in a combo deck with a combo win. This would be better suited in a control style, 'draw go' kind of deck. Comparing them solely on their mana cost and then dismissing one doesn't accomplish much.


Just lost in the finals of a 26 person event for a Time Walk with your list from the challenge two weeks ago (other than some sideboard changes).

Teferi seems like the real deal, the removal ability is particularly potent, especially in a color combination that tends to have issues with resolved planeswalkers.

@crouchsnap Congrats on the finish!

A friend of mine reached the top 4 of a 22 person event for a Bazaar with that list this weekend, too.

Do you mind posting your changes and how your matches went? No deck is ever a final product and I appreciate any insight I can get.

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