Mox Amber
Legendary Artifact
T: Add one mana of any color among legendary creatures and planeswalkers you control.

Probably not relevant in Vintage since it doesn't produce any mana without already having a legendary permanent, but any new Mox is worth a look.

It could be interesting if there was (or will be) any legendary card with casting cost in the 0 or 1 range.

@albarkhane it has to be colored, something like a mox opal doesn't work

If only it worked off Legendary lands.

@albarkhane Isamaru, Hound of Konda on line 1....

I love the flavor but probably not super playable in vintage. A score in limited and EDH though

This could be playable in humans since they run Thalia

@p3temangus : true, i should have written 'vintage playable'

@Aelien : you are right, i was too quick when i wrote it.

@moorebrother1 : Thalia is not very synergic with it since you will have to pay one more for it.

@albarkhane I get that but it depends on your strategy with Humans. I’ve been playing around with it as a budget deck and there are some plays where this card can fix their mana issues. Obviously, it’s not turn one so it’s not great but it could lead to something if they play Wizards or Clerics.

@albarkhane said in [DOM] Mox Amber:

@moorebrother1 : Thalia is not very synergic with it since you will have to pay one more for it.

You could cast it before Thalia with the expectation that she'd eventually show up to the party.

@thecravenone With what legend to trigger it's requirement?

The closest Mox to this is Mox Opal. It is not a mana accelerant, it takes time to get the card online, but in a deck that gets it online, it would be playable.

I don’t see that happening in Vintage anytime soon. There simply isn’t enough playable cards for this to fit into a deck and be good. It’s designed for standard. Play a cheap legend, use this to accelerate a turn to play a bigger legend.

For vintage, a deck would need (1) cheap legendary cards and lots of them (12-16), (2) something larger to accelerate into, and (3) not run null rod.

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The fact that its a creature or walker is what kills it. If it cared about legendary cards it may have had some more play.

I think perhaps in modern this could see play in some sorta white weenie build with Isamaru, Thalia, hope of ghirapur. Not for vintage.

@protoaddct i think it would not only have to count all legendary permanents but also tap for colorless, so stuff like mox opal and legendary lands would work. Then it would surely see play. As it is, I'm sad that this mox is probably just a commander card.

@stormanimagus said in [DOM] Mox Amber:

@thecravenone With what legend to trigger it's requirement?

It doesn't have a trigger on it and it doesn't require a legend to cast.

You could cast it before Thalia with the expectation that she'd eventually show up to the party.

@thecravenone I realize you can cast the amber before Thalia, but my point is that it won’t be turned on to cast said Thalia. This will not accelerate you into anything Early.

If affinity (in other formats) had a legend I could imagine this being relevant, since it' still an artifact to power everything else. Tezzeretts 4 mana version would turn it on just fine but that means you already had tezz mana.

As it stands, I think its the worst mox by a large measure and we would have been better off with one that just came into play tapped or costed 1 mana to tap for 1 or even the originally concepted energy based one they never printed in Kalidesh.

I'm starting to think the only place we are ever going to see powerlevel cards like that anymore are the supplemental sets like this supposed 2hg set tgats coming out

@protoaddct Erayo has seen fringe play in Modern and this Mox has obvious synergy there. Baral sees more play and this allows a turn 2 Baral with Mana Leak/Remand back up. I will definitely be throwing a foil copy into my JVP commander deck for similar reasons. It's not a terrible card, but it's just not really Vintage playable IMO. Which is probably for the best as I don't think Vintage needs more playable Moxen with PO in the format.


Ah you are very correct sir. The price of this card will be extremly high because of commander. I honestly didn’t think about that because I haven’t followed or played commander in years. But this card is basically an auto include in all EDH lists.

This has major ramifications for the price of every other card in the set. Especially if it is mythic.

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@gkraigher Nonfoils should be pretty affordable, but I think foils will be quite high. It can go in almost every commander deck.

Jace, Vryn's Prodigy. might be better than/on par with thalia.

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