Dominaria Spoilers Leaked in Release Notes

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So far the set looks to include Legendary sorceries (which can only be cast when you control a legendary creature or planeswalker), Saga's (which are enchantments that play out like sorceries which are stretched over several turns), and the return of Kicker. Along with the planeswalker damage redirection rules change that was announced recently.

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As well as this card:

Stabilization Orb - 2


If a land would produce more than one mana, it produces {C} instead.

Spells cost 1 more to cast for each other spell cast by that spell's owner that turn.

@gkraigher Yes, it's my favorite card in the set so far just because it interacts with the best cards in the game. I.e., I'll actually get to play with it in Vintage.

New mox, but it's terrible. Guess we have to wait a few more years.

Some of the legends have potential, but very narrow. Sick new merfolk but not sure it will work in vintage since merfolk is not a thing.

Oh and Karn is re-goddamn-diclious

Anyone besides me think this set really boosts the wizard archetype? Getting 2 spells out of Snappy seems some good.

Adeliz, the Cinder Wind is really strong but I don't think it has a place in vintage, other than that I don't think wizards really get a lot, and the dean may be a bit win more.

I think Goblin Warchief in Modern might be fun. Wonder if some of the other Onslaught-era gobbos made it.

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