After announcing our last event a little too close to the wire, we wanted to share a rough calendar of our next few Romancing The Stones events so that people can start planning on them now. Here’s what we’re looking at this spring and summer:

4/14: Vintage
5/26: Vintage (Memorial Day weekend, FYI)
7/7: Old School

Prizes and venues TBA, but on a basic level, all Romancing The Stones events will be somewhere in Austin that serves alcohol, and will include full cash payout and a sweet playmat for 1st place. Our general plan is to run events every 4-8 weeks for the rest of the year.

Likewise, now that we’re a few events into our series, we can announce what this is all building towards. In December, we will be hosting the Festival Of Friendship: a year-end invitational tournament for the winners* of each individual Romancing The Stones event! More details to come as the season goes on, but we’ve got that slotted for Saturday, December 1st.

So far, our two Festival Of Friendship invitees are Stuart Ziarnik and Patrick Vincent. We can’t wait to see who else makes the cut over the next six events!

*In the event that someone wins two or more events, the invitation will go to the next highest-finisher of that individual event.