24 February 2018: Romancing The Stones pt 2 [17 players]

Yesterday, we returned for the second part of the Romancing The Stones series. After announcing the event a little bit late, we were thrilled to have 17 players duking it out at Austin Beerworks. This time, we were battling for cash and a Mox Jet playmat.

After 5 rounds of swiss, our standings were:

  1. Patrick Vincent: Paradoxical Mentor
  2. Stuart Ziarnik: Bargain Storm
  3. Brian Tweedy: Inferno Oath
  4. Sam Katz: Paradoxical Mentor
  5. Johnny Angulo: UR Delver
  6. Chris Huckabee: Punishing Oath
  7. David Mallett: Team Leovold
  8. Ian Files: RUG Walkers
  9. Jack Belingrath: Bargain Storm
  10. Rob Connolly: Moon Stompy
  11. TJ Boyd: Blue Stew
  12. Ian Jefferies: Tezzeret Workshop Combo Insanity
  13. Jacob Zernick: 5C Humans
  14. Woodrow Bogucki: Paradoxical Storm
  15. Matt Bock: Grixis Thieves
  16. Alex Tune: 5C Humans
  17. Joel Peabody: Welder Shenanigans

So, a much different meta than last time! Specifically, no Shops or Eldrazi - what the hell type of format is this?!

The top 4 played it out, with Patrick Vincent eventually toppling Brian Tweedy in the finals . . .
. . . and taking home the mat:

And thus, our top 4 for Romancing The Stones pt II was:

  1. Patrick Vincent: Paradoxical Mentor
  2. Brian Tweedy: Inferno Oath
    3/4. Stuart Ziarnik: Bargain Storm
    3/4. Sam Katz: Paradoxical Mentor

A heinous picture of our Top 4:

And now for pics of the day . . .

Guys bein' dudes:

Me attempting to beat double Thalia:

There's more than one insane Paradox card in Kaladesh:

Woodrow, seconds before discovering that the Paradoxical deck he was borrowing didn't have outs to hatebears:

Oath vs. tiny proxies:

Me, trying to math:

Two decks that can both play Arlinn Kord:

Everyone signed my Brainstorm!

Thanks again to everyone for coming out! March looks to be a crazy month, so we're looking at 4/14 for our next event & will confirm the date soon.

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The decks look awesome! I heard there was some mindslaver action from Jacob.

@bscheidemann Hell yeah. There were also some sweet Scheidemann-brand proxies in attendance. Hope you’re able to make it out next time.

Patrick was excited to show off his winning deck, so here it is along with his 1st place playmat:


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