I feel like post quality and variety has been pretty great lately!

I know exactly how to celebrate!

I'm so happy, I could sing!!!

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@shaman-ben The art for Braids has always creeped me out.

@pugsuperstar Now I need to build a mono-black lands deck with Braids. It just cannot be helped.

@pugsuperstar She’s awesomely creepy and mad looking. I always loved her art.
Also the fact that she is tasked with feeding Phage was always interesting to me. I just picture that exact insane look on her face while giving her food. Great imagery. Lol.

@pugsuperstar I was enamored with this card from the first time I saw it

Its probably because she has Willem Defoe's mouth. I always felt like if her smile showed a little bit of gums it wouldn't look anywhere near as strange.

That said, I am very happy that she is a little creepy...

So, apparently I need to post more and bring down the quality of the site back to an acceptable standard.


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