TSI Hazard's Birthday 3.0 2-17-2018 Results

God, the mystery box captures Ben and Team Serious so well. Wish I could have neen there but the wife and I are going to Barbados and then saving for a house, so Im on a strict “one magic trip in 2018”

See ya’ll in Roanoke!

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Some Deck Pics!

@nartman99 said in TSI Hazard's Birthday 3.0 2-17-2018 Results:

Top 8:

(1st) Frank Singel (Vintage Lands) vs (8th) Craig Kuchar (Zacama Oath) – Frank wins 2-1

(3rd) Kevin Cron (4 Color Leovold) vs (6th) Nam Tran (2 Card Monte) – Kevin wins 2-1

(4th) Jon Hammack (Grixis Tinker)
https://twitter.com/JonHammack/status/965408698045739008 vs (5th) Charles Rolko (Jeskai Mentor) – Charles wins 2-1
(2nd) Kevin Nelson (Dredge) vs (7th) Ben Perry (Oath) https://twitter.com/LibrarianOfLeng/status/965270787862212608Ben wins 2-1

Metagame breakdown:

Blue: 7

• Grixis Tinker
• Jeskai Mentor
• 4 Color Leovold
• U/R Delver
• 4 Color Leovold Kess
• U/B Control
• Esper Control

Oath: 6

• (4) Oath
• (2) Burning Paradoxical Oath - https://twitter.com/JMJACO/status/965613840523235334

Shops: 6

• (1) 2 Card Monte
• (5) Ravager Shops - https://twitter.com/rykerwilliams/status/965669708862312449
Misc: 5

• Vintage Lands
• Dredge
• Paradoxical Outcome Storm
• Spirits
• Infect

@nartman99 said in TSI Hazard's Birthday 3.0 2-17-2018 Results:
"a page torn out of a bible"

Which page was it? 🙂

I have a bunch more pics and am starting on a blog update. This event was awesome, and not just because I won it. Time to watch these videos.

I'll be streaming these decks starting with Craig's Zacama Oath on tonight's stream. Then I'll be doing one per stream until I get to Ben's list.
Unfortunately Oath hates me so I expect no success tonight.

Happy birthday big dawg Hazard! Too bad you didn't win that Taiga; maybe next time? 😉

Looks like a blast, if Ohio were closer to Iowa I would have been all over this.

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Not sure how I feel about a page torn out of a bible, but glad everyone had fun!

I really love that 4c Leovold list. Any deck that runs Tasigur is awesome!

I am sad I had to miss this, and hope that hazard had a great time at his birthday, on the plus side I supplied Magnus with a new playmate!

@mdkubiak The bible page was not torn out specifically for this, but rather taken from a box full of random bible pages that I have acquired over the years.

@shaman-ben That sounds vaguely Ben Perry like. haha

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