Hello all.

I'm posting this announcement to let you all know what's going on with me and my article series. At this point, I am done writing. This most likely is not a permanent change, and it's 100% my decision.

To put it bluntly, I'm burned out. I have been feeling more and more burned out over the past months, but recent events in my life have made things far worse. I don't feel like airing my dirty laundry and misfortune in a public post, but if you're really wondering you can always try to message me and see if I reply.

My hope is that these issues I'm having resolve quickly and that I'm able to return to writing soon. I've enjoyed the work, and it's a tough thing to walk away from.

Thanks for your support over the past two years.

P.S. I haven't had much time to be on TMD, so Facebook Messenger and Email ( josephfiorini06@gmail.com ) are the best ways to contact me.

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THANK YOU, for being a part of the community and for the content you have created!

I don't want to lose you, but I respect your needing to do what is necessary.

A very big thank you Joe from me as well. Take your time and come back stronger than ever.

Thanks for making our beloved format visible to others 🙂

Hope you still be around anyway.

As someone who wrote bi-weekly articles for about 2 years myself, I fully understand your situation. Take care of your personal life and if you can make it work again in the future we’ll welcome you back with open arms.

I'm sorry to hear that, Joe. I hope the things that are causing you excess stress work out and you return to writing sometime soon.


Joe, nothing to hang your head about. You carried the torch for a long time. Give yourself a pat on the back.

We all have "events" in our lives and I say this not to minimize yours, but simply to say that most of us can understand that stuff happens. Speaking for myself, I'll miss your columns. Vintage 101 was instrumental in opening my eyes to the format. I appreciated your writing and will certainly read more of it if you get over the burnout and events and start writing about Magic again.

I don't know what your "events" have been, but please accept my very best wishes that everything turns out OK.


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