18 February 2018 Proxy Vintage @Brash Brewing Co [14 players]

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14 players came out to Brash today to do battle in Vintage. We played five rounds today and in the end, Ben Kendrick won yet again. Check out the rest of the decklists, too. There's some spicy stuff today!


  1. Ben Kendrick - Ravager Shops
  2. Tim Everett - Merfolk
  3. Tri Nguyen - Xerox Mentor
  4. Ty Thomason - UW Landstill
  5. Stephen Reddin - Grixis Theives
  6. Dan Sparkle - Junk Reanimator
  7. Trevor Leinbach - UR Delver
  8. Nick Patniyout - MUD Combo
  9. Ro Hinojosa - UWr Stoneblade
  10. Sam Craven - Blue Angels
  11. Will Miertschin - Izzet Welder?
  12. Ashby Graves - Merfolk
  13. John Mondel - Dredge
  14. Chad Moss - Solem Rector


Yep. That's a Reanimate on the stack in Vintage.

This was a cool event. 14 was more than we usually get, so things were a bit hectic. It being a gorgeous day outside, the brewery was a bit more crowded than usual. Then, halfway through the tournament, a 55 passenger bus showed up to visit the brewery. All the additional commotion made for a cool hangout.

Dan's Reanimator deck was sweet. He says he's gonna tune it and try again and I'm excited to see that. Being on a UW control deck, I didn't really get to see it go off. Game 3, my 7 +next 2 were tundra, fetch, karakas, force, force, mana drain, misstep, swords, swords. Even without any sideboard cards, I managed to run him out of gas.

Blue Angels was fun to play and I think I could've done better. But there's some problems with that 75. I started with an old list and rebuilt from there. The combination of being an old list and me being forgetful means that there's some good stuff that should've made the cut. For example, Fragmentize almost certainly makes the cut over one of the 2 main / 2 side artifact removal spells.

Ghostly Prison in the sideboard was great. Swarm decks like Merfolk and Xerox were neutered in their ability to deal damage, allowing me further time to find my outs while restricting their ability to play more spells. One Merfolk opponent got stuck at 3 blue sources and had to make the decision every turn of casting another creature or attacking. I'd love to see the math on which is right and when. I even brought it in against Reanimator as his deck was light on permanent mana sources. I think I would cut the Moat for a second Prison on the next go around.

Moat was in the board for the large number of decks that want to win on the ground. Given my five fliers and equipment to make them faster, I figured it was a sure bet. After having played it, I'm not so sure. One Delver opponent proceeded to cast three Delvers in the four turns after I cast Moat. RIP me. I think I'd replace it with another Ghostly Prison.

Umezawa's Jitte is awesome. I'd like it main but I'd also like the other two equipment and I don't want to go up to three. Protip from someone who forgot: One of Jitte's abilities gains life. I lost to my own Mana Crypt while focusing on the beatdown instead of trying to stay alive.

Vendilion Clique was really interesting. I actually targeted myself a lot. When targeting opponents, I only once took something out of their hand.

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