Deal Me In Games 2018 Vintage Mania Results 2/10/18

Hey folks, sorry this took a while to post. But the 2nd event of 2018 at Deal Me In Games is now in the books. We had 26 people show up to fight with artful pieces of cardboard last week and in the end, 4 reigned supreme with a top 4 split.

Our top 8 saw:
Joe Brennan vs Stephen Harvey (Harvey wins 2-1)
Zach Dobbin vs Zack Mullin (Dobbin wins 2-0)
Keith Seals vs Shingo Aratake (the Grim Seal wins 2-0)
Jonathan Geras vs Matt Buck (Buck wins 2-1)

After the top 4 were finalized they decided on a split of store credit.
I'm currently compiling top 8 deck lists, metagame analysis and point totals. They are all to come later this evening. For now I'm off to a chili cookoff.

But congratulations to Matt Buck, Keith Seals, Zach Dobbin and Stephen Harvey on their win last week.

Our point totals:


This gives us a current top 8 after 2 events of:
1 Matt Buck 34
2/3 Dan Barkon 31
2/3 Stephen Harvey 31
4 Dan Miller 30
5/6 Zack Mullin 24
5/6 Keith Seals 24
7 Josh Barkon 23
8 Joe Brennan 21

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